Following the Grain

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I'm sorry, sir...? Please tell me you're a warrior of some kind...
You see, there's a gang of bandits who've moved into the area. They used to be residents of Eulmore, but were exiled for stealing from free citizens.
Now they've taken to stealing from us instead. And anyone who tries to stand up to them gets a good beating for their trouble...
Folk say they're former soldiers, and seeing how those bastards fight, I'm inclined to believe them.
We're just farmers here! We need someone who can stand up to them─someone who knows their way around a weapon! Could you be that person for us...?
You'll teach them a lesson, then!? Oh, thank you!
We've already hatched a plan to track down their camp─poked a hole in a harvest sack and left it as bait. There's a trail of grain now, leading away from the village to the east, so you might want to start your search there.
Head out to the east and look for the trail of grain─it should lead you right to their camp.
Bah, we've got us a sneaky rat, boys! Better grab it by the tail afore it squeaks to its mates!
You...took care of them? I can hardly believe it!
We work long and hard for the food we harvest, and to have it all snatched away by those brutes...
You'd think with all that training and discipline they'd have an easy time adjusting to an honest life in the field. But I suppose some men are cruel by nature.
At least there are good people like you still around to renew my faith in the world. You have our thanks!