Fresh Off the Wing

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...They say you're the reason the Ladder's moving again─that you're a man who gets things done.
Well I've got a job that no one else around here seems capable of doing. All I want are some crystal spikes from the wings of those cliffkites─and not the old broken ones someone scavenged off the ground!
If you can manage to bring me some wings with the spikes intact, I'll be sure to pay you what they're worth.
You want to make some coin? Just bring me some cliffkite wings with the crystals still attached.
Right, what have you got there for me?
Hmmm. Nice length... No cracks or splintering... Aye, these'll make the perfect spearheads.
As I'm sure you've heard, Amity was originally built as a neutral venue for trading with the dwarf clans. The houses weren't meant to be homes─just somewhere to rest your head while you conducted your business.
Once those relationships soured, though, the settlement soon emptied out...and exiles like us moved in.
The way people talk, it sounds like Amity was thriving up until a few short years ago. But now instead of people lining the roads, you've got hobgoblins and worse. That's why I wanted to make spears, you know. For protection.
Well, that was a bit more long-winded than I intended, but a little history never hurt no one, eh? Alright, alright, take your payment and go, then.