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I only want what's best for her. If only she could see that...
<sniff> I'm fine. Really. It's just been a long day.
Magnus maketh ready for our departure even as we speak. Might I prevail upon thee to inquire as to his progress?
You've done us a kindness far greater than we deserve. Thank you. I mean it.
Just thinking about the trolley speeding down the tracks, gears whirring─gods, I can't stop smiling!
It's been years since I've seen a Talos in such fine shape. Would that Agna was here to see it. Or our son...
I was ready to let her dreams die down there in the mines. Even after you'd found the leonine, I refused to believe it could work. Gods, what a fool I was.
But I tell you now─I'm going to take good care of this Talos. For both their sakes. On behalf of my family, and all the miners of Twine, thank you.
Well, enough chitter-chatter. Let's get you lot to Nabaath Areng, eh?
Everything seems to be in order. I take it the Talos's presence resolves the issue of the gate?
Hm? Oh, that. Yes.
It's designed to open at the Talos's approach.
Then we can finally go to Nabaath Areng.
You certainly can. All that remains is a final check of the control box over at the mines.
You hear that, boys? Get that Talos over to the mines, and keep a close eye on it around the curves. Understood?
Yes sir!
Let us repair to the mines, then.
Before we go...
While you were away with Forename, I prepared an extra set of cartridges for you.
And this one. It's the practice cartridge you gave me.
I know I should've thrown it away ages ago, but I've been adding a little extra to it every day. After so many charges, I'm honestly not sure what it will do. But I wanted you to have it. For luck.
Minfilia, I─ Uh...
We should hurry. Magnus and the others are probably wondering where we are.
I know what you're thinking, and I will talk to her. When the time is right.
All appeareth ready for the grand departure. But one task yet remaineth...
Luckily, Thaffe and Jeryk didn't spend the last few years trying to drink themselves to death, and had the good sense to maintain this stuff. I'll have to thank them later.
Ever since we got the Talos moving again, Jeryk has been acting strangely. Perhaps strange isn't the right word. More...overexcited. But as long as he gets the job done, I suppose I can't complain.
Is this not the most beautiful sight you've ever seen? Oh, if only I could capture this moment in a painting, or even a quick pencil sketch.
Hey, you seem pretty good at...everything. You wouldn't happen to be an artist too, would you?
So this is it. We're finally going to Nabaath Areng.
I've thought long and hard about what to say to her. To the real Minfilia.
I hoped when the time came I would know, but with every step we take I feel more uncertain.
That's no reason to give up, though. Not when so much is at stake.
Thank you, all of you, for helping me to get here. Now, let's not keep Magnus waiting.
One last step... I'm glad to be taking it with you.
There you are. So, what do you think?
A little primitive-looking, I'll admit, but Daedalus Stoneworks has always favored a simple, intuitive design, and that philosophy has served us well enough.
Much of the trolley network uses single tracks, making it easy for the Talos to navigate them as needed.
And plotting a route is so simple, even we can do it, which makes for fewer accidents in transit.
Speaking of which, are you ready to board?
All right, then. Watch your step.
Travel to Nabaath Areng?
Answer 1
This is the place, Forename. This is where she stopped the Flood.
The last time I was here, when I felt her presence overwhelming me...I tried to pretend it wasn't happening─to just...turn away.
But I can't turn away now. Not this time. For Thancred and the others, I have to face her.