Gale-force Warning

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We first learned of Garuda's return when the primal fell upon the Blue Badgers as they sought to construct a new watchspire. The devastation was absolute.

According to the report of the one surviving engineer, Garuda invoked the most horrific gale with but a gesture of her taloned hand. The powerful winds tore apart the half-built tower, crushing the workers and scattering their broken bodies like dolls.

By all accounts, it appears the Lady of the Vortex is grown stronger with this summoning. She must be stopped before the casualties are allowed to pile any higher.

But as you might imagine, the Ixal, eager to please their bloodthirsty goddess, are engaging our troops on every front. I have not the soldiers to spare for a primal-hunting expedition.

Thus, I sent word to the Scions to beg the aid of proven champions. You and your companions are our best hope for freeing Gridania of this rampaging fiend.

I ask that you confront Garuda in her customary domain: the Howling Eye. Such a titanic conflict is best confined to Ixali lands, wouldn't you agree?

Though I imagine the birdmen have since made “adjustments” to their crystal, the beastman aetheryte found within Natalan remains the surest means of entry. May the Twelve strengthen your arm, LieutenantYour rank within the Grand Company. Surname.
Ascian of the Twelfth Sword
Our efforts to augment Garuda's powers were met with the predicted success. It is mildly unsatisfying, then, that the primal was thus summarily defeated.
Ascian of the Twelfth Staff
Against the Bringer of Light, it appears a heavier hand is required. And now that the focus has been discovered...
Ascian of the Twelfth Sword
It is of no consequence. Even should they understand the significance of its presence, they have no means to prevent the summonings.
Ascian of the Twelfth Staff
And the beastmen continue to crave ever more powerful avatars every time their gods fall. With each link forged in this chain of ambition, the shackles of chaos are bound ever tighter.
Ascian of the Twelfth Sword
It is not for us to entertain such speculation. We are bid only to convey what we have witnessed. Let us be gone from here.
Once more, Garuda has fallen to your might! You have our gratitude, Lieutenant Surname. We are blessed to count such heroes among our allies.

...What's this? Some memento of the battle, mayhap?

Ugh, what an uncanny arrangement of bone. I have never seen its like.

I could not guess for what foul ritual this object would be used... Might there be some connection to the primal, considering the place in which it was found?

I must ask that you take this grisly trophy to the Waking Sands and consult with Urianger. Perhaps he can provide some insight.
Thou art returned whole from thy grueling trial. Hath the battle with the Lady gifted thee a glimpse into the primals' fortress of inscrutability?

Hmmm... A ritual focus of Ixali bone, home to what tainted powers I cannot say. Pray leave this curiosity with me, that I might dwell further on its nature.

Garuda's unseemly strength was not fueled by crystal caches and tempered worship alone. Nay, I fear some new rite of summoning was employed.

The rigid culture of the Ixal rarely spawneth such anomaly. Methinks agents more deeply versed in primal lore have meddled here─the Ascians, for a certainty.

And if those servants of Darkness are afoot, they will not stop at a single tribe. Such revelations do much to explain my recent communications. Art thou prepared to struggle once more against a beastman god?