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Hail to the Queen

«The City of Lost Angels

Path to the Past»

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Milord! My, what auspicious timing. I intended to send a missive to the Rising Stones, but it seems that is no longer necessary.

Master Hancock wishes to speak with you regarding a matter of grave import. I can but imagine what other duties yet demand your attention. Still, he would request you meet him at the Ruby Bazaar at your earliest convenience.

Master Hancock requests your presence at the Ruby Bazaar at your earliest convenience. Though he would not elaborate, it seems to be a rather pressing matter.
And so he returns at last. From what Tataru has told me, you've come rather a long way, to put it mildly.

And while the Scions remained locked in slumber, she sought aid from all corners of the realm. In fact, it was I to whom she first turned when searching for a champion to assist her in your absence.

Though as you have no doubt surmised, I did not call you here to discuss such matters.

I have received word from Lord Hien that the Bozjan resistance, our comrades in the Eastern alliance, seek the aid of distinguished heroes in their fight against the Empire, and naturally, your name immediately sprang to mind.
What will you say?
The Bozjan resistance, you say? I didn't realize they were part of the Eastern alliance.
Indeed, from a small nation found in the southern reaches of Ilsabard, to the west of Dalmasca. They were no doubt among the first to fall to the Empire.
Yet it would seem their hearts have yet to give way to despair. And with the Empire now in disarray, they would seize the opportunity to fight back.
Indeed. Though the city-state has long since fallen to Garlean machinations, the remnants have agreed to join the cause.
And with the Empire now in disarray, they would seize the opportunity to fight back.
If you would know the details in full, I think it best you speak with Lord Hien. His endless list of commitments makes him a hard man to find, however, so perhaps you can have one of his attendants at the House of the Fierce track him down for you.
Those at the House of the Fierce familiar with Lord Hien's busy schedule may be able to help locate him.
Greetings, good sir. Lord Hien has been expecting you.

When word reached us from the Bozjan resistance, Lord Hien knew at once there was but one man to whom he could turn.

He left to the Coattails not long ago─the view of Doma Castle helps to calm his mind. This way, if you please.
This way, atop the broken bridge. He will be most glad for your arrival.
Do you remember when first we shared a view of this castle together? Still under the Garleans' control, perhaps, yet for all their wickedness, its beauty would not be so easily sullied.
It is good to see you, my friend. You must forgive me for forgoing pleasantries, but our guest here is in dire need of your help.
Marsak, of the Bozjan resistance. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

As you have no doubt already heard from Lord Hien, my people seek to reclaim our homeland from the Empire.

Under his auspices, and that of the Eorzean Alliance, we aim to do just that.
However, we recently received word that the IVth Imperial Legion has been making plans of their own.
It has long held the provinces of Nagxia, Dalmasca, and Bozja in an iron grip, using its Dalmascan headquarters to house the bulk of its forces.

Until recently, that is.

They appear to be diverting resources and manpower to their forces stationed in Bozja. In fact, three battalions are en route as we speak.

We thought perhaps to strike before they can fully assemble, but the Bozjan resistance lacks the means to drive them off on its own.
Aid from the Dalmascan resistance groups may have sufficed. Sadly, even Fran of Lente's Tears has been unable to bring an end to their infighting.
All hope is not lost, however, for Lord Hien has made a most intriguing proposal.
An idea not my own, I must confess. We have our old friend Gosetsu to thank.

As the Empire tightened its grip on Doma, our people were at a crossroads. Would they lay down and surrender, or stand up and fight?

You sought me out, that I could become the spark that lit the fire of rebellion.

The same must be done for the Bozjans.

They require a standard under which they can rally. A symbol of hope to steel them for what is to come.
Lacking a living figurehead such as Lord Hien, my comrades and I looked to our nation's past for inspiration. There, we found the answer we sought: Gunnhildr's Blades.

They were the elite guard of Queen Gunnhildr, possessed of weapons blessed by the gods. Their exploits would become legend after defending our peoples against the Allagans in the Third Astral Era.

The strength of their steel was matched only by their dedication to the queen. Should one lose their life in her service, their holy blade was then passed on to a successor.

In time, their title would lend itself to the most renowned of their weaponry─the gunblade. But in truth, each member of her guard was master of a unique weapon.

Though these sacred relics have been lost to time, I would see them forged anew! Armed thus, our people would know no fear, and drive back our oppressors just as Queen Gunnhildr did the Allagans.

An admittedly lofty and otherwise unattainable goal for one such as I. Which is why I have traveled far and wide in search of great minds and greater heroes who might lend us their aid. We would be honored to have one of your renown at our side.
We value the Bozjans' commitment to the cause, and I would see their plans come to fruition.
Unfortunately, duty demands that I remain here. I could not in good conscience leave knowing the Empire yet threatens the border to Ala Mhigo. Should you choose to accompany him to Bozja, might I ask you also act as a representative of the Eastern alliance in my stead?
What will you say?
Leave it to me. I'll do what I can.
Thank you, my friend. If there is aught else you require of the Eastern alliance, you need only ask. Safe travels to you both.
An airship to our base has been prepared for us at the enclave's dock. I hope to see you there soon.