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I had hoped we would find leonine, but to find that particular specimen is nothing short of a miracle.
I wouldn't believe it had I not seen it for myself.
Before you set it in the Talos, would you take it to Magnus?
For three long years he's believed she died for nothing. He must know the truth─that her sacrifice was not in vain.
We'll take it straight to him. You have my word. Thank you, Guthjon, for all your help.
Right, then. Let's not keep everyone waiting.
Gods. What do we say?
I can only imagine the look on his face when he sees that.
...What? Oh, it's you.
If you've come to complain about the trolley, you'll find no sympathy from me. I told you before it won't run, and you wouldn't listen.
Oh, but it will. Now that we have this.
Your name is engraved on it, along with your son's. It was a gift from your wife, Magnus. From Agna.
No... No, she couldn't have...
Take it. Do with it what you will.
Are you certain? It would delay our plans, but─
I said take it. It was you who found it, you who needs it.
Looking at that stone, all I can see is...is...
Please, just leave me be.
I hope you'll be there when the Talos stirs to life.
I'm sure she'd want you to see it.
Would you do the honors of delivering this to Urianger?
Finally we can move on to Nabaath Areng. Assuming this works, of course.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help. By the sounds of it, you have a knack for handling strange requests.
On the bright side, Urianger taught me a lot about the Talos and their hearts. I think I can help if they need further repairs.
You what!? By the gods, I didn't think it possible.
You found leonine? Truly? Then what are we waiting for─let's get that trolley moving!
Thou art returned, and with leonine it would seem.
As promised, the Talos hath been made ready to receive its heart, thanks in no small part to Jeryk, Thaffe, and Minfilia.
At last we shall return time to the timeless, this sentinel of stone, that we may press on towards Nabaath Areng.
Very good. Now, let us begin.
I only want what's best for her. If only she could see that...
<sniff> I'm fine. Really. It's just been a long day.
I must confess you've impressed me. I did not expect the Talos to be in such fine condition.
You've done us a kindness far greater than anything we deserve. Thank you. Thank you so much.
Just thinking about the trolley running down the tracks, gears churning─gods, I can't stop smiling!
Mine apologies for the delay. Minfilia and I had a private matter to discuss.
Which bringeth me to the question─how didst thou find Thancred during your search?
He spoke of Minfilia? Of his own accord? I see...
'Tis well that he did, and with such candor.
I attempted to broach the subject before. Mine intention was to ensure no words remained unspoken between them, lest tragedy intercede. A regret I myself know all too well. Alas, in the end he refused to heed my counsel.
A time will come when they must face the reality of their circumstances. But I have faith that all will be well in time...
Now, let us not tarry any longer. The Talos and Nabaath Areng await.