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Heads, I Win

«An Academic Dispute

Carnivals and Confrontations»

Transcript may differ from in-game version as efforts have been made to incorporate unused and/or altered text.
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There's no point in arguing further─she's immune to reason when she gets like this.

I'm happy to continue investigating─of course I am, that's why we've gone to all of this trouble─but we need to be careful as to how we go about it. Especially where 2P is concerned.

I don't trust her─at least not yet. Even should we find this “key,” we ought to be discreet as possible about sharing our plans and information. Don't you agree?
Support Konogg's approach?
Yes No
Indeed. I knew you'd have the sense to listen to me. Now, let's get started, shall we?
I don't like relying on this place's internal mechanisms, particularly to dangle me over a gaping chasm, but it seems we have little choice. Maybe if I close my eyes...
Before we proceed, we should decide upon what to do in the event that we become lost in this maze of a place.

These teleportation devices should serve. If you can't find your way back to me, use one to return to the entrance immediately. I'll meet you there.

Got it? I'd hate to lose our muscle because you wandered off and fell into a pit somewhere.

Now you're free to take a look around. If you find anything noteworthy, bring it to me.
Found anything of note yet? Records, artifacts, weird puddles of goo?
That's the look of a man who's on to something! Do share.

Hmm... I'd bet that whatever this is, it's part of a greater whole.

Let's see if we can find any similar pieces. We may be able to reassemble it, if so.
How's investigating with Konogg going for you? Slowly, I expect?
You have more parts for me, I trust?
Don't be a miser, now. Let me see them too!

Oh, look at all of these! Hard to say for sure whether we have everything until we take a crack at reassembling it, of course, but it's a start.

And this pod! I've been so wanting to take one of these apart...
...Do you hear something?
Function resumed. Initiating repair process.
Alert: multiple life forms detected in proximity.
“Lifeforms” would be us, I presume? Interesting.
If it's still functional, there's no need for me to disassemble it. Pity. Still, I say we take it back with us.
Any objections? No, of course not! So let's get on with it.
Oh! What's this?
It's him! Though how he climbed back up here in that state...
Well, sister, you're the one who wanted to work with 2P. I'm sure she would say to destroy him for good. What do you say?
Oh, brother, you know me too well.
We take him with us, of course. Just in case. It'll be our little secret.
This may be the clue we've been searching for. I only hope it doesn't blow up in our any sense.
Konogg and I will be heading back out. I want to perform a proper analysis on these parts as soon as possible.
I don't blame you if you want to look around a bit more first─though you had best share your findings!
I thought that “key” was a figure of speech, looks like it could potentially be an unlocking mechanism. If you squint.
<beep> Processing...
It's about time!

You know those parts we found? Well, I've managed to cobble them together into a decent approximation of...something.

I was hoping that if I got the basics right, the pod could tell us what it's meant to be, but it won't stop repeating “processing” and beeping at me.

It worked when it was analyzing us, so theoretically it should be up to the task, but it seems we'll have to wait for it to finish...whatever it is that it's doing.

I'm half-tempted to take my tools to it, but if I can't put it back together we'll be back to square one. So─patience it is. Hmph!

In the meantime, we have quite a bit of other data to analyze. So much, in fact, that I'm certain we will need a considerable amount of time─uninterrupted time─to work. If you take my meaning.

I'm telling you to keep the chief off our backs for a while─I don't care how. Say that his house is on fire, if you like. Or put it to the torch, if you're not comfortable with lying.
We simply don't have the time for half a dozen lectures about “protocol” and “safety” and “ethics,” you understand?
You heard Anogg: we're counting on you to keep the chief occupied so that we don't have to.
Lali-mysterious machines from the ruins will kill us all-ho, I suppose.
Sorry, it's...been a lot to take in. Did you manage to keep our local miscreants out of trouble?
What will you say?
They're safely studying our discoveries as we speak. I found them to be surprisingly competent, actually.
It's true that when it comes to mechanical contraptions, you'll find none cleverer than those two. Or more obsessive.
It's true that when it comes to mechanical contraptions, you'll find none cleverer than those two. Or more obsessive.
If anyone's capable of solving the mystery of these ruins, it's them. Much as I hate to say this, we should leave them to their own devices. For now.