Heavensward (Quest)

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A Striking Opportunity»
An Overgrown Ambition»
An Uncertain Future»
An Unexpected Proposal»
Do It for Gilly»
Gods of Eld»
Let Me Gubal That for You»
Reap What You Sow»
Sky Pirates»
Storming the Hull»
The Diabolical Bismarck»
The Fires of Sohm Al»
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Things Are Getting Sirius»
Thok Around the Clock»
Thordan's Reign»

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<blip> Welcome to the Flagship, Master Forename. You are almost at your destination.

<blip> <bloop> WARNING! Intruders detected in the vicinity. Please eliminate them if you wish to proceed.
Quest Accepted
<blip> <bloop> WARNING! Intruders approaching.

You sense a hostile presence!

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.

<blip> Area secured. Lifting access restriction to the Aetherochemical Research Facility...

Restriction lifted. You may enter the facility at your leisure. Ending guidance.

<blip> Unknown energy source detected within the Aetherochemical Research Facility. Please exercise caution.

I am pleased to have been of service to you, Master Forename. Please send my regards to Master Wedge.

Deactivating... <bloop>
The guidance node has ceased to function.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

Duty Commenced
This place just keeps getting weirder...
Aye, it's downright uncanny here.
Just about everything is lit up in here.
Such incredible technology...
Stay alert!
Out of my way!
I will crush you underfoot!
No sooner do I clear away the rabble...
If it isn't an imperial legatus!
Hmph, not again!
Let's get this over with, shall we?
In the name of the emperor!
There's nowhere to run!
Turrets, deploy!
Your reputation is well deserved.
Very well, let us try something different.
Can you withstand this?
Very well...
The day is yours...but we will meet again.
At least he knows when to quit.
Is that all?
It seems he wasn't here for us.
What do you suppose are in those tanks?
Monstrosities—definitely monstrosities.
Intruders detected. Releasing bioweapons.
Releasing additional bioweapons.
All personnel, please proceed calmly to the nearest exit.
Here we go again.
Watch each other's backs!
Ugh, not more abominations...
Intruders detected. Releasing bioweapons.
Releasing additional bioweapons.
All personnel, please proceed calmly to the nearest exit.
Ah...the pain...
Some manner of testing ground...
What a strange-looking...I'm going to go with "thing."
Activating Harmachis.
Commencing bioweapon assessment.
Engaging anti-cobra mode.
Anti-cobra testing complete.
Engaging anti-naga mode.
Anti-naga testing complete.
Engaging anti-machina mode.
Anti-machina testing complete.
Assessment complete. Result: Outstanding.
Subject approved for mass production.
Clever how it transforms.
Certainly an efficient way to test creations...

You board the autolift.

Looks like we're heading down.
Wonder where this will take us.
Activate the terminal?
Yes No
I swear, every time you ride a lift...
I know, right!?

You move to Triad Control.

What could that illuminated place be?
The beating heart of aetherochemistry, perhaps...
Activate the terminal?
Yes No
Looks like this is as deep as it goes.
The archbishop must be close.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
The champion of Hydaelyn.
Tell me: why do you despise the primals so?
They are the embodiment of mortal will—of mortal desire.
Plainly, you desire a foe to despise. And 'tis well that you do, for it is from the vortex of ceaseless conflict that Lord Zodiark shall be reborn.
Through the Joining, the world shall become whole again.
Then all shall be as once it was—as it should ever have remained.
For the glory of Lord Zodiark.
Your meddling ends here and now, Warrior of Light!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
It's over, Ascians!
We'll teach you to underestimate us!
We won't let you do as you please!
Player1 Icon.png The following voiced lines were removed from the game or altered with Patch 6.3.
Darkness shall consume light.
Mortal scum!
Your light shall burn no more.
Damn this frail flesh...
Know your place!
You have meddled enough.
Your quest ends here!
Chaos shall reign forevermore!
You'll not defeat me again!
Come! We settle this once and for all!
Our might knows no bounds!
Fires of creation—arise!
My magicks flow as one!
Defeat is unacceptable, Igeyorhm!
Partake of my life, Lahabrea!
Darkness shall consume light.
Mortal scum! I will entomb you in ice!
Know your place!
Let us see you withstand two magicks at once!
Chaos shall reign forevermore!
Your Light shall burn no more!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Such strength! It defies all reason...
No! I will not be bested by the likes of them!
Lahabrea! It is time!
Very well. Let us show these mortals the true power of the Echo...
The power to break down the barriers of existence!
I am become you...
...And we are become one.
Come, mortals! Render up your souls, that Lord Zodiark might be reborn!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Ahh, the power of Darkness surges... Tranquil as ice, vicious as fire!
Feel the might of our magicks combined!
Not even the laws of creation can withstand the tides of chaos!
Your Light shall burn no more!
Stubborn mortals... Very well, we will show you our true strength!
Know eternal despair! Fire and ice consume you!
Nothing shall remain!
Even without the blessing of Light... How is this possible!?
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
What walls are these? Arrrgh! Damn you, Hydaelyn!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Duty Complete
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
That he might regain the blessing of Light I had foreseen...
But he is grown so strong in it as to deny us our power.
Let us withdraw, Lahabrea. That power remains to us, at least.


So you harnessed the Eye's power... A pity you spent it all. What will you do now, hero?
So, not even the vaunted Warrior of Light can unmake an Ascian without relying upon mortal contrivances.
In the distant past, King Thordan and his knights twelve fought and defeated Nidhogg.

Though the victory cost them dear, they were rewarded with a great prize: the dread wyrm's eyes, both of which have since been held in the Holy See's safekeeping.

The Eye you possess was Nidhogg's left, and long has it served as the source of the Azure Dragoon's might. As for its twin...

It has lain here, joined to the person of Haldrath, the first Azure Dragoon. For though he learned to harness its power, he was ultimately consumed by it. Even in death, his body decays not─a pitiful end for a fabled hero.

My Ascian friend. Long have you and your kind sown the seeds of chaos by teaching mortals the secrets of summoning.

But if you assumed that we would meekly serve as your pawns, then you are gravely mistaken.
You would raise a hand against us!?
By taking unto my flesh the soul of the legendary King Thordan, I am become a god─
A god who knows not cessation, whose being is sustained by a millennium of fervent prayer and the Eye's nigh-bottomless reservoir of aether.
Your contempt for man has proven your undoing, Ascian. For my first act as god-king, I do hereby sentence you to die.
Gods feed upon aether. It matters not what form that aether takes. Ascian souls are no exception. With this power, I shall put an end to a thousand years of conflict.

Be they sown by Ascian, dragon, or primal, wheresoever the seeds of chaos threaten to quicken, I shall excise them with my divine blade and bring order to the world.

I am become that which you abhor, Warrior of Light. If you would take issue with my godhood, I shall answer you with my blade.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Duty Commenced
Brothers! The time is come to call upon the true power of the Heavens' Ward!
Fight me if you will, Warrior of Light.

I care not. All who stand against me will be destroyed─
be they servants of the Darkness or the Light.

By my blessing shall all men be sanctified, and an endless era
of peace begin. Vice and conflict shall cease to be.

You reject my divinity, yet what have you to offer
my people in its stead? Bitter truth? Virtuous suffering?

No matter. If you believe your cause just,
I call upon you to defend it with your life!

How...how can this be? A millennium of prayer
and the Eye's power combined─and still you stand?

Who─what are you?
Duty Complete
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
...It is over, then? I had hoped that mine would be the hand to end it...but knowing you, there was little chance of that.

'Twould seem the Eye has served you well.

Its twin... At long last...

All that remains is to take them beyond the reach of man and dragon both. With this task accomplished, my toils shall finally be at an end.
Thou hadst done well to resist mine influence, bathed in my power and blood as thou wert.

Alas, in thine anticipation of comfort, thou hast lowered thy guard!

The keening of my fallen kindred... Their smoldering desire for vengeance...

Mine eyes have partaken of a thousand years of pain─a pain which I shall bestow upon thee.

Drink deep of my rage, mortal...AND BECOME ME!
Nidhogg, my child... What hath thy fury made of thee...?
Let us away, servant of Hydaelyn.
Chief! Over there!
Haha! Godsdammit, do you always have to cut it so bloody close!?
It would seem he has done it again.
Was there ever any doubt?
Let us return to Ishgard. Our friends will be eager to learn the battle's outcome...and welcome back their champion.
Where is Estinien?
I daresay you are the first soul in Ishgardian history to arrive in our city upon dragonback. This scene shall be remembered for a thousand years to come.
As we had feared, the archbishop summoned the soul of King Thordan unto himself and thence became a primal.
But he and his knights are no more, thanks to the Warrior of Light.
Your struggles are not yet over, mortals.
Whom do I have the pleasure...?
I am Midgardsormr. I have journeyed with Hydaelyn's champion and observed his deeds in the conflict between man and dragon.
Tell me, children of Thordan. Do you desire peace?
My people have committed unspeakable atrocities against dragonkind─even against our own. Would that we could undo these wrongs...but we cannot.

Be that as it may, the future yet presents a chance to begin anew. Our nation has broken free of the shackles of a false faith, and Nidhogg shall lead his kindred against us no more.

I doubt not that it will require much effort and perseverance, but 'tis my belief that, in time, Ishgard will again become a place where man and dragon may abide together in harmony.
I shall remember thy words.

Yet be warned: Nidhogg's soul liveth on.

His unbridled rage hath claimed for its vessel the one thou callest the Azure Dragoon.
Doubt not but that Nidhogg will call out to his brood ere long, nor that they shall answer him.
Steel yourselves, for the true test is yet to come.
Come what may, we will never cease to believe.
Upon the souls of they who have sacrificed themselves to pave the way for peace, we will never abandon our cause.
A thousand-year war cannot be ended in a day. It may take generations. What thou dost begin, thy children must continue.
Entrust unto them thy hopes and dreams, that peace may reign again...and forevermore.
Some Time Later...
Let all here present attest that Ser Aymeric, acting on
behalf of the archbishop, has appended his signature.

I do hereby declare...

That from this day forth, the Holy See of Ishgard
shall once more be counted a member of the Eorzean Alliance.

Let our nations move forward as one,
and stand united against the Garlean Empire!
For the future of Eorzea!
Alliance Leaders
For the future of Eorzea!
There you are.
A noble monument to a noble soul.
From here, Lord Haurchefant can watch over all of Ishgard...
It has been a long and arduous journey.
And we have lost much and more along the way.
Yet come what may, we must stay true to our purpose and press on.
That's right, you two! It's high time
we got back to rebuilding the Scions!
Which means we're going to need money─and lots of it!
So ends a glorious chapter in their tale.
However, tumultuous days yet lie ahead for Ishgard.
After a thousand years under the yoke of the church,
the people take their first tentative steps into the unknown.
And though they spy a glimmer of peace upon the horizon,
Nidhogg's vengeful shadow yet remains to darken the way.
Be that as it may...
So long as the young commander of the Temple Knights
and his heroic companions are there to guide them,
the people may hold fast to hope─
the hope that, one day, true peace will return to Ishgard,
and that man and dragon may live in harmony once more.
Let the deeds writ herein never be forgot,
that they may inspire generations yet unborn to strive ever heavensward.
— From the memoirs of Count Edmont de Fortemps
So Lahabrea and Igeyorhm have fallen.

Bested by mortals in their attempt to initiate the eighth Rejoining. That they should be so complacent...

And now it falls to me to deal with the consequences...

Without intervention, the balance between Light and Darkness will begin to shift, placing our mission in jeopardy.

Hydaelyn's champion has grown too strong. His might encroaches upon the realm of gods.

Equilibrium must needs be restored. The time is come for you and yours to join the fray...

...Warrior of Darkness.
Remind me: why is there no rest for the righteous?
Because they care, Master Garlond.
Of all the things they could have picked to play with... That's not a toy, you bloody fools─it's a primal!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
If the Eorzean Alliance can be restored to its former glory, so can the Scions of the Seventh Dawn! Let's find our lost friends and begin anew!
When first I bade you welcome before the Arc of the Worthy, little did I imagine that you would go on to steer the very course of our nation. I am proud to have borne witness to history in the making.
I confess, I found the ceremony unexpectedly stirring... Each of us must play our part in building a brighter future for Ishgard─we who profess to rule most of all.

You are a true hero, my friend. The minstrels shall sing of your deeds for generations to come.

The road to reform will be long and trying, but Ser Aymeric will not rest until he reaches its end. And I shall walk with him every step of the way.
Shame Mistress Tataru had to move on. We've grown rather accustomed to having her around.

You know, seein' you flyin' in on dragonback helped put things in perspective. I mean, if man and dragon can put aside their differences, how hard can it be for the rest of us?

To be sure, our lives won't change overnight, and it'll take effort to bridge the gulf between highborn and lowborn, but I'm confident it'll all work out in the end.
Ishgard's return to the Eorzean Alliance has breathed new life into the Jeweled Crozier. The announcement had scarce been made when the merchants began eyeing opportunities in foreign markets.
There you are, old boy! We must go to the tavern together, and soon! My friends all demand to be introduced to the Warrior of Light, and they refuse to take no for an answer!

Pray pay no heed to Lord Emmanellain, Master Surname. I am certain you have far more pressing demands on your time. And for his part, my lord has lessons to attend...

He has resumed training in the blade, you see, and has shown admirable dedication...for the most part. I believe he has a mind to take up Lord Haurchefant's mantle─but if he is to succeed in this, he will need all the help he can get, and as few distractions as possible.

Thou art welcome here, friend of Ysayle. I have heard all that hath come to pass.

Ysayle was as a brood-sister to me, and her death no less tragic for man's fleeting life. I shall miss her...

I don't care much for politics. Too much talk and not enough action.

If I were you, I'd forget about all that racket and have some time to myself. Even you must see you've earned it.

After long years of estrangement, Ishgard rejoins her sister nations in the Alliance. Words cannot well express my joy.

None of this would have been possible without you, my friend.

Change is coming to Eorzea. Though it will inevitably bring with it a measure of upheaval, with hard work, peace and prosperity are sure to follow.

And yet, even as we look forward to the coming of a new age, we must needs be wary of old threats.

The lords of Garlemald have not relinquished their claim upon Eorzea, and we shall be forced to contend with them again ere long. And then there is the matter of our comrade Estinien, claimed body and soul by Nidhogg... If there is a way to rescue him, we must find it.

Suffice it to say, the path ahead holds no shortage of challenges, but together, we shall overcome them.
Quest Complete