His Secret Shame

«Scars of War

A Much-needed Respite»

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Whatever is keeping Tolas? He should have returned from his rounds by now. Do you suppose he's forgotten about us?
...No, that wouldn't be like him. Call it a hunch, but I have a bad feeling about this. Let's split up and look for him. I'll go see if he's returned to the stronghold. Why don't you search around outside?
<pant> <pant> Thank you, friend. You...you saved my life. Oh, the ignominy of it all...
I, a knight and veteran of a thousand battles, nigh laid low by some puny beast I should have been able to slay with mine eyes closed. And yet, the moment I drew my sword, my arm began to tremble...
Ever since that day it has been like this. I had lost men to the sin eaters before, of course...but this time was different. So powerful was our foe, so crushing was our defeat. I can still hear the screams of my men echoing endlessly throughout my skull.
Why, damn it!? Why do I still live when they had to die!? But no, I know the answer... It is because I am a coward. I could have risked my life to save them, yet I fought only to preserve my own worthless hide.
My superiors, my fellow soldiers sing my praises only because they do not know the truth. If they did, I would be cast out of the guard in dishonor. I am a craven, unworthy of my grandfather's blood.
I beg of you, friend. Do not speak to the others─Mauwyl, in particular─of my terrible secret. I must carry the shame of my deeds on my own until such a day as I can redeem myself.
What will you say?
Answer 1
!Your friend worries for you.
And so I should tell him, you say? Indeed, Mauwyl's concern is touching. And yet...!
You cannot agree? Mayhap you believe I should tell my friend? I know that he worries for me. And yet...!
I would ponder this matter alone. Pray leave me be for a while.
Thank you ever so much for tracking down Tolas! I am relieved indeed to see my friend safe and sound.
And yet, he has barely spoken a word to me since his return! Whatever is the matter this time?