Hope's Confluence

«The Converging Light Nothing Unsaid»
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You are ready, then? Very well. I shall lift the ward.
What will you say?
It's time we finished this! You know, it wasn't so long ago that I watched you seal the place up.
And finish it we shall. For no hero our foe could summon to his side shall ever compare to you! And...as for me...well, no ally you could summon to your side will ever try harder, that much I swear.
So come, my friend! Let's finish this─once and for all!
Hm? Ah, before I began my slumber, you mean? Ha! It seems rather longer to me. But yes, what strange symmetry.

This time, I break the seal, and I have no intention of locking myself away again.

Nay, together we will enter, and together we will leave─in triumph. So come, my friend. Let us be about it!

{cutscene} {duty} {cutscene}

At such moments, it is hard to know what to say... ...Are you all right, my friend?
You did well, Forename─you and the Exarch...
Shortly after you left, we observed that our enemy's ranks were no longer being replenished─presumably when your absence was noted. So we polished them off and came as quickly as we could.
...Which is to say, not quickly enough. But then you had the Exarch for company, didn't you, and you could ask for no better than that.
Ere we descended from the throne room, I did chance upon an object which, if I have the right of it, did once─
...Hm. M-Mine apologies. Mayhap now is not an appropriate time. Let us speak of it later.
Sometimes, I wish that I too had been gifted with the Echo. Then I might see what you have seen and glimpse into your heart without the need for words.
...Hm? Am I all right? I should be the one asking you...

But yes, I'm fine, thank you. We all are.

The people are fine, the city's fine, and the starshowers have stopped.

It's almost as if we'd gone back to the peaceful days that followed the night's return. Almost.
The only way is forward. So I have to believe that whatever lies ahead will be better than what came before.