In Mt. Gulg's Shadow

«The View from Above

A Gigantic Undertaking»

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I'm pleased to see that the villagers are no longer wary of us. I shall take the opportunity to ask about Mt. Gulg.
Yet another hapless soul that Alphinaud saved from mortal danger, I see. Some things never change.
At any rate, it seems that Brother has a mind to linger. Meanwhile, I have a mind for us to explore.
Forename and I are going to scout out the area. We'll be back in a while.
O-Oh? Very well, then. Just take care out there.
Take care out there. If you sense even the slightest danger, pray turn back at once.
The path diverges. Let's split up so we can cover more ground. I'll go east if you would be so kind as to head west.
We can aim to meet at the foot of the mountain, taking note of what we see along the way. In a short while, then.
Soon after you left, who should arrive in Amity but Urianger and the Exarch. I'm glad they were able to find you.
I'm told you went ahead to scout out the volcano. I don't suppose some grappling hooks will suffice?
A-All that grinding and shaking... I-I was afraid the lift floor would fall out from underneath me...
B-But don't worry! I-I'm sure the trembling will go away s-soon!
Thus are we all gathered...though Ryne, I am afeared, did not much enjoy the ascent.
Forgive us our delay. The Exarch arrived and we took some time to apprise him of our mission.
...Concerned for my health, are you? Indeed, we are a little far from the Crystarium, but rest assured this old man can muster up another wind for what is to come.
Oh, don't mind us. We're just taking in the sights.
Ahhh, such an exhilarating ride! And such a magnificent view! Nothing in Eulmore compares to this!
Hm... I didn't expect to see the Chais here. Though I suppose it's well within their rights.
At any rate, it's time to tackle our next little obstacle: finding a way to reach Mt. Gulg.
For this, we'll need to put all our heads together...