In Pursuit of Knowledge

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I am searching for a friend. She is yea high, sandy colored hair─have you seen her?
...No? <sigh> Then I suppose she is off getting herself in trouble.
She is obsessed with learning all she can of Ronka's history, you see, and has been planning to infiltrate Woven Oath to see the murals there. I told her not to go but she refuses to listen.
If you were to express your doubt of her schemes, perhaps she can be persuaded to return.
Please, you have to find her before it is too late.
I know she means well, but this time she has gone too far.
Quiet! What do you want?
Korille sent you to bring me home?
But I am so close! I cannot─will not─go back!
The murals may have knowledge that can help my people. Help you. It would be foolish not to try.
And now is the perfect time. They seem off balance today. As if intruders had already...come... It was you.
Then you should know better than anyone that my plan will work. If you can draw the attention of even three of their guards, that is all I need.
If all goes as planned, I will see you back at Fanow.
Ah, you are returned. Thank you again for your help at Woven Oath.
The murals were more beautiful than I dared imagine. And some much older.
I drew sketches of them that I could continue my studies here. If I should find anything of import, you will be the first to know.
But before that, I must first go and apologize to Korille.