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Ready to depart for Amh Araeng? Alisaie will be overjoyed to see you safe─I know she was particularly concerned for your well-being.
She, uh...impressed upon me how regrettable the timing of her summoning was. Repeatedly.
I only hope that my part in sending you to her will garner me some measure of forgiveness. Here. This is a letter of introduction addressed to a man named Cassard, the master of a merchant caravan.
There are few who know the ways of the desert as well as he does. Find him at the Amaro Launch, and he will see that you reach your destination.
Hm? If you've come looking for work, I might have a spot for another guard─
Oh. Oh! A friend of the Exarch! Hoping to meet someone in Amh Araeng, are you?
Then I shall be your guide! I was about to set off for our outpost there, as a matter of fact, so we can leave right away─assuming you have everything you need?
All set? Then off to the unforgiving sands we go!
Oof, no matter how many times I come here, the cold never fails to catch me off guard! The sky may be as bright as in the scorching hours of day, but it gets brisk enough to make you shiver.
Now, the Exarch's letter said I was to take you to the Inn at Journey's Head, which is where this Alisaie friend of yours is staying.
But that's a fair old distance. So I propose we make a stop in Mord Souq to break up the trek─allowing me to attend to some business, and you to enjoy the local hospitality. Sound good? Good!
All right, you lot! I'm off, and I'd better not see the goods covered in sand when I get back!
Right, we head southwest, straight as an arrow!
Stop here a moment. This is your first visit to Amh Araeng, is it not?
Before you cross the River of Sand, you need to turn around and feast your eyes on that!
Go on, take a look! We're not moving until you appreciate the majesty of that edifice!
They built them big, didn't they? That's Qasr Sharl, a fortress meant to protect the northern reaches of Nabaath Areng.
Seeing what was left behind, I believe it when they say that it was once one of Norvrandt's mightiest nations.
...At least until the Flood came along. Great chunks of Nabaath Areng's lands were lost to the Light, its great city included. The few who survived didn't see much point in staying. Most of them, anyway.
No, not many choose to come here these days, not with everything in ruins. Even that hulking great fortress has become little more than an amaro roost for me and my caravan.
But not everywhere is as deserted as this place. Just wait until you see Mord Souq...
Let's press on, shall we!
Here we are─Mord Souq! By the blessed shadow, I love this town!