Legend of the Not-so-hidden Temple

«Mi Casa, Toupasa

The Aftermath»

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Let us do what needs be done and quit this place. We've precious little time.
Before we enter, I would tell you of the trial that awaits you.
The chamber is said to be filled with all manner of devices to keep trespassers away from the switch.
The most potent being wards of displacement. They may very well force you into danger.
Should we become separated, please use these.
Whisperweeds. They will allow us to communicate no matter where we may find ourselves.
I think Forename and I can work out how to use these well enough. Thank you.
All right, Forename. The sooner we finish here, the sooner we can return to the others.
I will do all I can to assist you, but I cannot guarantee your safety once we enter.
Shall we get this over with?
Why would she do such a thing?
Oh, Y'shtola... Had we been but a few steps faster.
I have failed you. Words fail to express my shame...
We should have tried harder to repel them.
Thankfully Ran'jit's cohorts had the good sense to fall back.
Uimet should be here soon with word from Fanow.
We should hold our position here until she arrives.