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I was about to deliver an amaro to Radisca's Round, one of the locations whence the beasts will fly for the operation.
The tower lies along the route to the Imperative. If near enough is good enough for you, you may make the delivery in my stead.
Very good. I shall ready the amaro for departure at once.
Radisca's Round is to the north and west. You can take the road or you can fly─it is up to you.
Upon arriving, make yourself known to the sentry, and she will give you further instructions.
If you should become separated from the amaro, worry not─the beasts are trained to return to the rookery. That is all. Go well.
The amaro returned without you. See that you deliver it safely, yes?
Gah, where's that last amaro? It's supposed to be here by now.
Oh? You're delivering that amaro to us?
I'm afraid there's been a change of plans. We already have all the beasts we require here.
Instead, this one is to go to the Imperative to the west. Please see it to the handler on duty, Szeli Vantheu. If you encounter trouble along the path, return here and I'll set you rightwise.
If you're looking for the amaro, it's come back here. Let's get you on your way again.
All of our amaro are in fine fettle. They won't let us down.
Gwee, gwee!
Gwee, gwee! Gweeeeee!
Ah, the last amaro! My thanks, friend. You may leave the beast with me.
Say, I don't believe I know you. Did you join the guard recently?
Hah, so that is the way of it! Well, you managed to arrive, and that's all that matters in the end.
I bid you welcome to the Ostall Imperative, one of our key strongholds in Lakeland.
The first thing you'll want to do is report to the captain. You'll find her at the lookout across the way.
The amaro are crucial to our success. We will spare them no preparation.
So, it seems that rather than the amaro delivering you, you delivered the amaro.
I'll not thank you─I expect all my soldiers to make themselves useful. Speaking of which, I have a task for you.