May Featherfall Flourish

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A Fashionable Friendship»
A Gathering of Gaelicats»
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Not by Bread Alone»
The Brume Lifts»

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To think that a pirate captain of all people would be the first person in these lands to see the merits of doing business with the illustrious House Durendaire...
Forename. Lord Charlemend. I must thank you once more for accompanying me on this journey. Owing to your tireless efforts, our mission has succeeded beyond my loftiest expectations.
And you expected any less of me? At any rate, I do believe it is past time that we returned home. There are preparations that must be seen to, yes?
But of course! Speaking of which, I have been giving considerable thought as to how we might best organize our new commercial district. To that end, I would be most grateful if the two of you would visit the location and share your thoughts upon our return.
Hm? My time is valuable, as you might imagine...but I suppose I can spare a moment or two to lend my expertise.
'Tis most appreciated, my lord. In that case, let us each attend to any unresolved matters we may have here, then reconvene back in the Firmament at our earliest opportunity.
Travel in safety, my friends!
Ah, Forename. We've been waiting for you.
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'Tis but a short walk from here to the Featherfall commercial district. Allow me to show the way.
I must give credit where credit is due, Lord Francel. This place is almost beginning to look halfway habitable.
Francel! We were wondering if you'd ever come home!
My brothers! And you too, Sister! How wonderful it is to see you all again! Oh, but you simply must hear the news─!
Aurvael and Foncrineau apprised us just now. Why, if even half of what we have heard is true, it would appear your excursion abroad has proved most fruitful.
And this off the back of the Diadem's designation as the official gathering grounds for the restoration. Without you to extol its potential to our leaders, I doubt we would have received the necessary approval and funding.
You do Ishgard a great service, Francel. As your sister, I could not be more proud.
My dearest flatter me overmuch! Why, I could not have hoped to accomplish even a fraction of this without the expertise and influence of my esteemed companions.
...Of that, I have no doubt. Master Surname. As you so selflessly served Ishgard during the war, you continue to go above and beyond in this era of peace. I have not the words to express my gratitude.
And my most honorable Lord Charlemend...pray accept my humble gratitude for accompanying my impulsive little brother in his travels, and for opening his horizons with your vast experience and worldly wisdom.
I, ah─yes. I can only hope the boy gained something from my presence.
...But Francel. We are not here simply to shower you with praise. No...we were hoping that we might lend our aid to your efforts in a more tangible fashion.
Indeed. After all, it would not do for the goods to flow only in one direction, while the coin flows in the other, no?
Allow me to be more direct. The Skysteel Manufactory has recently opened a new branch in Featherfall, yes?
I've a mind to spend some time there myself─overseeing repair and maintenance orders, putting wares on display for potential sale to buyers from the realm over...and so on and so forth.
Meanwhile, Aurvael and I have discussed the matter at length, and we suspect that traders from far-off lands might show quite an interest in the abundant natural resources harvested from the Diadem and the Sea of Clouds.
I...I have no words. Your assistance in the reconstruction effort would mean the world to me!
The sons and daughters of House Haillenarte...mayhap I misjudged them.

Mocked and branded as heretics by the highborn and the commonfolk alike... Forced to suffer the loss of kin, friends, and loyal followers alike over years of bloody war... Still, they forge ahead to build a brighter future for our nation.

For so long, I thought them too earnest and agreeable for their own good, but perhaps that artless hope and enthusiasm is precisely what Ishgard needs in this new age.

Would that my own son could be here as well, that he, too, could be among those leading the effort to transform our society for the generations to come...

Strange, is it not? Somehow, I am more certain than ever that he is alive somewhere in this world, and doing great things in his own right. Mayhap one day he will return to me...and mayhap not. Either way, the decision is his─and his alone─to make.

For so long, I clung to the past, fearing that there was no place for me in this new age of openness, enlightenment, and change. But the truth is clear to me now─this is a new world we live in, and we must all adapt or be left behind.

It will not be easy...but it will be worth it. And the passionate, capable young men and women around me will show me the way.
My sincere apologies, Forename...Lord Charlemend. It seems my siblings and I got somewhat carried away in conversation. If you are ready, it would be my pleasure to escort you to Featherfall.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
...So this is Featherfall. I must say, it has a certain charm about it.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Forename! Lord Charlemend! Over here!
I did not imagine that your preparations were proceeding so briskly, Lord Francel.
One might wonder if they are not proceeding too hastily... Yet, at the same time, one cannot help but be impressed.
You are too kind, my lord. I am pleased to say that the Featherfall markets are nigh ready to open. Truly, we could not have accomplished this without you...

Nor you, Forename. Nor my dear siblings, my associates, and all in Ishgard and the three nations who have expended efforts on our behalf. Without all of you, my loftiest dreams to rebuild the Firmament would have gone for naught.

Thank you, my friends. I will not forget your kindness and generosity for the rest of my days!
Nay, 'tis I who owes you thanks, Lord Francel. Traveling with you has done much to open my eyes, and I am not too prideful to admit it.

If I hope to lead House Durendaire into a new age of prosperity, there is much I must yet learn about the world outside Ishgard...a world to which I have been blind for far too long.

In return for helping me to learn this lesson, allow me to offer you some parting advice. You have accomplished much here already, but do not rest on your laurels, for the greatest challenges are yet to come.
Thank you, my lord. Pray rest assured that I have no intention of shirking my duties. As more and more people flock to the Firmament to hawk their wares and ply their trades, my ability to manage affairs here will be tested like never before.
They will indeed. And yet I suspect you are up to the task. Still, should you ever find yourself over your head, do not hesitate to call upon House Durendaire. And with that, I should be off.
Forename. Might you have a moment to spare afterwards? There is a matter on which I would seek your counsel.
I, too, should be getting back to the many tasks at hand.
Till we meet again, my friends!
...Hmph. I actually would not have minded if the lad remained with us a while longer, but ah well.
In any event, the matter I would discuss with you concerns the Brume. If you are not otherwise occupied, I should very much like to hear your thoughts.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.