Meet the Tholls

«A Gigantic Undertaking

A-Digging We Will Go»
A Disagreeable Dwarf»
All for the Boom»
Beneath the Beard»
Brew as the Tholl Do»
Distract and Rescue»
Goggeo and Tholliet»
Killer on the Loose»
Knocking the Knockers»
Short on Courage»
Too Sweet to Eat»
With Ale Due Respect»
Word about Komra»

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A quest for the Talos's heart... This presents an unexpected opportunity.
Ideally, a Talos heart should be made from ore found in the selfsame region as the stone for the chassis. Let's see what Tristol can tell us.
I'm glad Tristol was willing to lend us an ear. It's but a small step, but I pray this will pave the way for reconciliation.
If you seek material for the Talos's heart, I know people who may be able to assist.

They are the Tholls, a dwarven family that have long mined this land. No one knows its bounty as well as they.

If you explain your situation, I'm sure they would be willing to cooperate. Indeed, 'twas one of them that showed me the secret tunnel to the top of the cliff.

You will find the Tholls at their village to the northwest, a place called Tomra. When you arrive, seek an audience with Chief Xamott...and do not forget to greet him with a hearty lali-ho!
Permit me to join you, Forename. I would keep my joints limber, and mayhap I can provide some manner of assistance.
I'll leave the heart to the two of you, then. The variety of ore doesn't matter so long as it's rich with aether.

I'll aim to have my design complete by your return.

If aether-rich ore proves elusive, we can make up for it with quantity. The Stoneworks had techniques for such situations.
Is the Exarch unwell? Do take care out there.
After the Ladder stopped moving, the Tholls used secret tunnels to move freely around the island. While they mostly keep to themselves, they are a friendly folk.
So this is Tomra...

Seldom do we see the dwarven folk at the Crystarium. To now be in the presence of so many...

I shall enjoy not having to crane my neck for a change.
What will you say?
Lali-ho! Lali...ho? What did you just call me!?
Ah, a rousin' greeting! You've clearly been practicin'!
What sorry excuse for a greeting was that!? Where's your heart, lad!? Your stones!?
It's a greeting, lad! A lali-ho for a lali-ho─that's that way it works!
Come, let's try it again!
What will you say?
Lali-hoooooo! L-Lali-ho!
Hmmm, not bad, not bad. But there's room for improvement.
Anyroad, now that we've observed common courtesy─who are you and what're you doin' here?
Anyroad, now that we've observed common courtesy─who are you and what happened to your helm?
At the recommendation of the denizens of Amity, we have come to seek the aid of the Tholl family. May we speak with Chief Xamott?
Why, yes you may! I am Xamott, and I bid you welcome to Tomra!

If it's the folk of Amity what sent you here, you must have quite a tale to tell. Come, let's hear it!

Well, well! And there I thought those below had no fight left in 'em!

Havin' said that, it's not like we know how to deal with that floatin' volcano and all them sin eaters neither.

If you're serious about restorin' peace to these parts, though, we'll gladly lend you a hand.


The kind of ore you seek's precious to us too.

If I let you have it only for you to bungle things up and squander it, like, no amount of ale will wash away my chagrin.

First, I need to make sure you're worthy─by means of a trial! Aye, a trial most tricksy, passed down through the line of Tholl!
And what is this trial?
Heh heh heh... Come with me and I'll tell you all.
What could this trial be...?
Heh heh heh... Listen well.

As you know, we're a minin' folk. And in the minin' life, danger's a constant companion.

So, when we come of age, each of us must prove our readiness to take to the mines.

This we do by undertakin' a trial what tests the three traits all good miners can't do without: discernment, diligence, and dexterity. We call it...3-D MineRunner!

Now, look on my helm. Mark its features well. You'll be given a slingshot, which you must use to shoot dwarves as wear helms what are different.

I've already made the necessary arrangements. When you're ready to take the trial, report to the observer nearby. Best of luck to you!
Well, I am pleased that the trial isn't needlessly dangerous. Though the dwarves who are our targets may beg to differ.
Would you care to do the honors, my friend? It scarce needs to be said, but you are best suited of the two of us.
Aye, take a good look at my helm. The pair of magnificent horns. It's the mark of our clan, and if you see it─for goodness' sake, stay your hand!
Lali-ho! You must be the challenger the chief mentioned. I'll show you to the rooftop at once.

As I'm sure you've been told, in 3-D MineRunner, you use a slingshot to shoot them as wear the wrong helm. Let's begin with a spot of practice, eh?

Aye, that's the way!

Next time, it's the trial for true. Let me know when you're ready, eh?
I shall pray for your success.
Good form there, lad, but that was only practice. The actual trial's a deal harder!
Ready for the trial? Right this way, then!

This time, there'll be them as wear the right helm. You shoot them, you fail, so look carefully afore you let the stone fly!

Well done, well done! The trial never lies─you've got what it takes to be a miner!

Run along back to the chief, now, and get on with puttin' an end to all this strangeness of late!
Welcome back, Forename. Though such a trial must be as a relaxing diversion compared to your usual endeavors, it was still an impressive display.
Oh, no need to worry about them as you struck. They wouldn't have felt it through their armor.
That was some impressive shooting, lad! Consider me satisfied!
Aye, 'tis plain you didn't come this far with luck alone. So I'll place my faith in you, and help you find the ore you seek.