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The end to Light's dominion over this world is fast at hand.
When all of this is over, it would mean a lot to me if we could go and visit Tesleen's grave together. I have such a lot to tell her...
Perhaps their ministrations were not as thorough as I thought. Or perhaps I was a touch too reckless.
Once more shall the night share equal dominion over the firmament. And yet our travails are far from over...
Is this not the moment Emet-Selch usually chooses to descend upon us? Whatever will we do without his feigned praise and backhanded compliments?
Are you feeling all right, Forename? After you defeated the Lightwarden, I could swear I saw its aether─
Uh...never mind. I'm still getting used to my powers. It's probably nothing.
I'm just relieved I was right about where the Warden was hiding.
The last one is hiding in Kholusia, isn't it? I can't feel it from here, believe it or not...
But perhaps we should head back to the Crystarium first. We have a lot to tell the Exarch...and I think we could all do with some rest.
She sees it too, then.
Y'shtola said she needed to speak with us. It sounded rather urgent.
The others are with the Exarch. Before we join them, there is something I wish to confirm.
Tell me, Ryne─have you noticed anything peculiar about Forename's appearance of late? Anything at all? Speak freely. He won't mind.
Well...since Minfilia bequeathed her power to me, I've been able to see the Light inside him...though I didn't think anything of it at first. But after we defeated the Warden in Amh Araeng, I realized something was wrong.
You've absorbed its aether, Forename. And the Light within you has grown monstrous.
Then it is as I suspected.
How are you feeling?
If naught is done, this will only get worse.
Ryne─with the power of the Oracle, you have gained some measure of control over Light, have you not? Is there anything you can do for him?
Extinguishing it is out of the question. Even at her strongest, Minfilia could only hold back the Light.
I might be able to suppress it...but I don't know for how long.
Then we have no choice but to rely on Urianger and his secrets.
If the next battle is to be the last, you may yet be able to play your part. But you will need all of your strength.
I will discuss strategy with the others and see that everything is made ready for our departure. You are to return to your chambers and rest until then. Understood?
What will you say?
Answer 1
!I'm fine. Let me help.
!Yes, Mother...
Good. Whether you want it or not, you have most certainly earned some respite.
This is not the time for false bravado. Should your condition worsen, it could have dire consequences for us all.
Now please, return to your chambers and rest.
Hah. None of that cheek, or I will take you across my knee.
Now, off with you to the Pendants. We will call for you when the time comes.
Is everything all right, sir? You don't seem quite yourself.
Perhaps a hot meal and a freshly made bed will improve matters. Your room is ready, if you'd care to retire?
Retire to your quarters?
Answer 1
Very good. If you should have need of anything─anything at all─pray do not hesitate to call.
No, this isn't right.
It would need to be later. After the liberation of Ala Mhigo, perhaps...
Please tell me you've finished.
We have to go. They'll be upon us any moment.
Very well. Where to next, then?
Let's just worry about getting out of the city, and pray the airship is still in one piece.
Anywhere we go from here will just be more of the same.
Gods. By the sound of that last one, I reckon the knights twelve might be the knights' rubble now.
Is there nothing else we can do?
Do? Look around you─this isn't war.
It's a sickness, and it's spread to every corner of Eorzea. The city-states are in disarray, and by all accounts the Far East's faring no better.
There'll be nothing left of us when this is over.
This world is beyond saving...
I never tire of that story. When the hero swoops in astride a white dragon to save the little girl...
I could die happy knowing someone like that was still around.
Indeed. But not today. Not while our message remains undelivered.
Have faith, my friend: we will find him...
What will you say?
Answer 1
!What a peculiar dream...
!Was that...the past?