Near, Far, Wherever You Are

«My Heart Will (Not) Go On
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Thank you for agreeing to help. I know that he's out there, somewhere. I feel it.
I should check belowdecks again... While I do, could you search the Kholusian coast in my stead? I've been thinking that he may have washed up there, but... Well, it's crawling with vicious creatures, and I do have some sense of self-preservation.
Look for an elf of about my age. You'll know him when you see him, I'm sure─he has silky hair and the most gorgeous smile!
I'm saved! I was so tired after swimming to shore, you see, that I crawled over here and dropped off to sleep... I'm sure you can imagine my horror upon seeing those visages when I awoke!
I've worried Solina? I had no idea I'd been gone so long...
Of course I will return to Eulmore immediately. Please, join us there─I'm sure she'll want to thank you for all you've done.
I can't say that I know any Solina... Unless that would get me into Eulmore? In which case, I definitely know her.
You've the wrong person, I'm afraid. So many fled the city in the wake of what happened... You may have a rather difficult time tracking down anyone in particular.
Solina, how glad I am to see you well!
You... You're alright! Oh, what a relief...
Of course I am. I wouldn't leave you all alone.
You had better not!
You really brought him back. I don't know how to thank you.
Still, I'm surprised that the Queen Bee sent you. Perhaps he wasn't as angry as I thought.
I used to work at the Beehive as well, you see─but when the Queen Bee found out about our relationship... Things became rather heated. I quit, and have been eking out a living here ever since.
I didn't expect him to understand, but...he did help, when no one else would. So I will return to the Beehive, as promised, and I'll work harder than ever!
For my part...allow me to provide the reward you were offered, along with my sincere gratitude. It's the least I can do.
My love, is it truly you?