Of Legacies Lost and Reclaimed

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Pardon the imposition, but I am in desperate need of your assistance. I lost several pieces of jewelry that are ever so dear to my heart in the commotion, and I've been quite unable to locate them.
I am searching for a tiara emblazoned with my house's crest, an engraved necklace, and an amethyst ring. As you might guess, each is a family heirloom.
I know not where I dropped them, out of my wits as I was at the time, but they cannot have vanished into thin air. They must be in the city somewhere, if only I had the faintest inkling of where to look...
Please, might I beg your help? I would give anything to have them safely returned to me.
I apologize that I have no clearer idea of where I might have dropped them, but please, I need my heirlooms returned to me!
Were you able to locate any of my heirlooms?
Oh, my, you've found all three! There can be no mistake!
“Seek but to serve” is inscribed here, you see? It was my family's motto long before we came to Eulmore. My grandmother taught me its meaning─that we ought always love others before ourselves, aid the poor and the downtrodden...
And I see with clarity, now. It is that spirit that those of us in Eulmore have been lacking, and which we must reclaim. Like my ancestors─like you─we must learn to care for others regardless of the benefit to ourselves.
I know not how I can possibly thank you enough for this, but please believe that you have my eternal gratitude.