Oh, Snap

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Pardon me, sir, but could I trouble you to help me with preparations for mealtime?
Thank you. I have need of a rather peculiar herb, but I fear I am ill suited to gathering it myself.
It grows on snapmint, you see. Their camouflage makes them difficult to find, and even if I should, I would likely be devoured before I could pluck even a single leaf from their hides.
Take this nectar and sprinkle it about the fields to the north. When they come out of hiding, that will be your chance to strike.
Once they catch the scent of the nectar, they will be compelled to show themselves. That will be your chance to strike.
Were you able to find any snapmints?
Goodness, these leaves are so large. Thank you.
I could never hope to cook my prahok without this.
Are you familiar with this dish? After leaving our fish to dry, it is salted then fermented. Once ready, you then mix it with a grilled meat of your choice, and wrap it in leaves of snapmint.
It keeps quite well, so we eat it often. Though the recipe is simple, you can add all manner of herbs and spices to suit your tastes.
Should you have the opportunity, I insist you try it for yourself.