On the Trail of a Myth

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Yes, yes, what do you need? Every man and his amaro wants something today, so I'd thank you to make it quick.

Oh, not here for materials? What are you here for, then?

Well, I didn't actually ask for a name...but all right, Forename Surname, whoever you are.

...What, did you expect me to know you? Because I don't. You're clearly new here. Where are you from, anyway?
What will you say?
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! From the same land as the Exarch. ! From a place called Eorzea.

Truly! I've always wanted to ask the Exarch about his mysterious homeland, but he's a very busy man and there never seems to be a good time.

Eorzea? I'm not familiar with such a town. Perhaps it's a local rendering of the name.

So, tell me─in this land you hail from, does there happen to be a creature called the samiel?

No? That's a shame...
Well, time for me to take to the field once more! I'll find you yet, my precious samiel! Mark my words!
Chief, where are you─ Wait just a─ Y-You there, stop that woman!
<huff> <puff> Begging your pardons, but did the chief mention where she was headed?
Outside again!? Doesn't she know how much trouble she causes when she abandons her post!?
<sigh> Forgive me, it's not my intent to take it out on you. I'm Yalana of the Hortorium, and the woman I'm furious with is Chief Qeshi-Rae of the Facet of Gathering.

Seeing as we've only just met, I'm loath to ask this of you, but could you go after the chief? I'm afraid I don't have the wind to give chase...

In all likelihood, she's headed to the Amaro Launch. If you hurry, you might be able to catch her before she leaves the Crystarium and goes off to heavens know where.

Thank you so much! When you find her, please see that she comes to the Hortorium. Meanwhile, I'll keep an eye out nearby just in case.
Oh, it's you again. What do you need now? Wait, don't tell me: you wish to assist with my fieldwork, isn't that right? Well, who am I to deny such enthusiasm? Come along, my friend, come along!

Gah, of all the people to see me leave, it had to be Yalana... I wasn't even planning to be away long. <sigh> All right, all right, I'll head to the Hortorium.

You're coming too, of course? I'm sure Yalana will want to thank you for doing a fine job of catching me.

If glares could kill, I'd be dead thrice over.
Ah, there you are! Thank you so much for finding the chief!

Now, we don't have much to offer in the way of hospitality, but as a small token of my gratitude, I'd be happy to tell you about our facility.

Here at the Hortorium, we primarily conduct agricultural research to improve our ability to cultivate crops. On any given day, you'll find us developing new plant strains and fertilizers and experimenting with new cultivation techniques.

The fruits of our labors find use at Sweetsieve, the Crystarium's orchard, which provides food for our citizens.
At the behest of the Facet of Gathering, we also analyze resources found across Norvrandt.
Indeed, indeed. Our miners and botanists sometimes make unusual finds, and these are brought here for closer examination.

You see, the task of the Facet of Gathering isn't simply to gather. We also strive to identify and manage resources.

In a world such as ours, we must use our resources responsibly, that they might be conserved for posterity.

In a sense, what we do is not unlike the work of those folk called naturalists in the days before the Flood.
This stands testament to man's enduring and unquenchable desire to cast light upon the unknown, be it flora or fauna or otherwise. Ahahaha... AHAHAHAHA!
As you can see, the chief is...something of a character. But in spite of her oddities, she's respected by her colleagues and peers.

This is because her knowledge is vital in ensuring that the Crystarium is well provisioned.

Though, from my perspective, it's difficult to see her as little more than a self-absorbed woman who buries us with endless tasks.

When I sought her out earlier, it was to deliver the results of our latest analysis. But what should I find but her trying to sneak outside!
It's not the first time either. Of late she's been obsessed with finding the samiel, a nigh-mythical creature, and runs off whenever my back is turned. She's not a child anymore, for goodness' sake...
And you're not my mother! If you keep up that nagging, your wrinkles are liable to grow wrinkles!
Come, Forename, let's flee this place, else Yalana will turn us into fertilizer!
Running off again!? And I have no wrinkles, thank you very much!
Just to be clear, I do not turn people into fertilizer!
Hah, we managed to escape the harpy's clutches! ...Don't tell Yalana I said that. She has no sense of humor, nor does she understand the romance of a mythical creature.
Now then, you weren't familiar with the samiel, as I recall. It's the name of an ancient and enormous beast of Mord legend.

How enormous, you ask? If you've been to Amh Araeng, you may have seen a colossal rib cage. That's how enormous it is...assuming it indeed belonged to the samiel. We're still not certain at this stage.

You see, while there are tales of people being licked or nearly stepped on, rather bafflingly, no one alive has managed to catch sight of the creature.

Until now, at any rate! While attending an excavation, one of the Hortorium's researchers claims to have encountered what he believed was the samiel! I have a good feeling about this!
Ahhh, the mere thought of shedding light on this mystery sets your heart aflutter, does it not? But of course it does, and you wish to find the samiel as much as I do!

Very well, I hereby name you Captain Surname of the Samiel Search Squad! With your combination of combat and gathering prowess, I'm confident you'll do an excellent job─especially with me as your intelligence officer.

Lest you worry that Yalana will come nagging, know that our mission is entirely serious and within the scope of the facet's objectives. After all, knowledge of fauna─and all fauna are real until proven otherwise─is critical to resource management.

But without further ado, my dear captain, I bid you venture forth to Amh Araeng, where you are to search for evidence of the samiel. I await your discoveries with bated breath!