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One Step Closer

«The Hero's Journey

A Bounty of Hunters»

Transcript may differ from in-game version as efforts have been made to incorporate unused and/or altered text.
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We're ready when you are.
That Unukalhai could stand to slow down a bit, but who hasn't been a touch reckless in pursuit of a good cause? Try to make sure he stays in one piece, eh?
If you have no objection, Taynor, I would like to practice creating hollows as soon as possible.
Of course─but not within the Crystarium. If we succeed in opening even the smallest window into that realm, it is likely that fell creatures will emerge. Follow me.
That was seven flagons of ale, two meads, one large cheese platter... What am I forgetting?
There you are! Please, tell Taynor we can begin.
Assuming no one ventures near, this location should be suitable. Unukalhai, when I give the word, begin channeling your aether. Nyelbert's memories will have told you as much, but it is imperative that you maintain focus on our aetherial resonance throughout this process.
With that in mind─Forename, I ask that you take care of any creatures that emerge from the hollow. They should not be of a strength to challenge you, and it will allow us to adjust our attunement without risk.
Then let us begin.
Come on... Flow where I tell you to!
Let me attempt to match your focus.
It opened! It's small, but...
...Enough to let something through. Be ready, Forename.
It has been quite a while since I opened a gate between worlds like this...but there are some things we never forget, aren't there?
That was...<pant>...far too much effort for such a small gate...
On the contrary─given this was your first attempt, it's incredible that we succeeded at all! Now, try synchronizing your breath with mine. Focus on the rhythm of the aetherial flow.
All right. I'm ready!
Aha, a larger hollow! Of course, the voidsent may be proportionately stronger...
Where your breath ends, mine begins... Where your aether flows, mine follows...
Unbelievable! Full attunement so soon...
Be ready, Forename!
Like talking to an old friend... Yes, that's what it's like.
I think I've grasped the principle now. I only need remember the feeling for next time.
I almost feel as if I do remember it. Your aether is...familiar, somehow. But that's impossible, of course.