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One Way to Do It

«Carnivals and Confrontations

We Can Rebuild Her»

Transcript may differ from in-game version as efforts have been made to incorporate unused and/or altered text.
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Arguing with Anogg is like being run over by a trolley.
What were we talking about?

Ah, yes─why I'm right.

I agree that we still know too little about the machine lifeforms and androids. But that's precisely why we need to seize this opportunity!

If we claim the weaponry for ourselves, we'll know exactly what the enemy's capabilities are. Then─and only then─can we protect the village from comparable technology.
Fine, fine. I see your point. We'll be safer in the long run if we activate the weaponry sooner rather than later. Or everyone else will─I'll probably have dropped dead from trying to keep up with you.
Hahaha! You say that, but you're far too stubborn to die. That's why I can always count on you!
You too, most loyal and lethal assistant! Come along─we have a power source to find.
I'm never sure if Anogg has the better argument, or if she's just better at arguing. I guess it doesn't matter─she usually gets what she wants in the end.
It's about time!

I've been considering what we need in order to power the key─a hefty chunk of crystal from a knocker ought to do it, though I haven't quite worked out how we'll divert its energy for our purposes.

Konogg and I will think on it while you head over to the hollows and liberate that crystal. Find us when you're back in Komra.
And another thing─why does Anogg's way always have to be so fun...
Aha! You got one, right?

Perfect. Now we can run some tests.

Yes, yes─it'll take a bit of experimentation to get the key powered up. It is science, you know.

Don't you worry, though─we'll have this thing in working order before you know it. While you wait, why not take some time for yourself? Have a nap, try some of our local delicacies, tell the chief to go bugger himself...
Anogg! Konogg!
Ah, and here's Forename. I knew you had roped him into your schemes again.
They're good schemes! And anyway, you're the one who keeps sending him to check on us.
I wouldn't have to if you'd do the work you were assigned. The carnival won't wait on your pet projects!
Fine, fine! Come on, Konogg. Let's get this over with.
Frustrating as they are, you have to admire their enthusiasm for tinkering. If they can put even a tenth of that energy toward the carnival, we'll be ready in no time.
I hope you'll be able to attend. You won't have seen the like before, I assure you. Not to mention that we're eager to show our appreciation for your helping us with those machines─and there's no better way to do that than with a dwarven toast to your health or two. Dozen.