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Ah, your timing is quite fortuitous. I have a task that could make use of one with your expertise.
Since beginning our vigil after the fall of Ronka, we Viis have seldom ventured beyond the bounds of Yx'Maja.
But times are changing, and it has come to our attention that the ruins beneath Lake Tusi Mek'ta remain untouched by the Blessed.
Being more familiar with the environs of the west, I think you would be well suited to the endeavor.
According to our records, there are several owl statues somewhere within the ruins. I ask that you find them and ensure they yet remain whole.
You are familiar with Lake Tusi Mek'ta, yes? Then this survey should prove no trouble at all.
You find nothing out of the ordinary.
The beak of the owl statue appears to be chipped.
The statue appears to be covered in algae. You gingerly wipe it away.
How fare the statues?
You wiped them as well? I'd expect nothing less from an ally of Ronka, and a fellow Viis at that.
You wiped them as well? I'd expect nothing less from an ally of Ronka.
In the days of the Ronkan Empire, the owl was regarded with great reverence. The divine beast of night and keeper of knowledge.
In fact, there is a legend that speaks of a time when darkness fades and the people pray for night. An owl is said to guide he who heralds the night's return.
Perhaps that is why fate brings you here.