Pass the Parcel

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Onest paye foR onest woRk! No expeerRians ness ess haiRy!
Mmm... You'll do. Here for work, are we?
Good, good! Honest pay for honest work, that's my motto!
Your timing could not be better. I have a job for you.
Take this package to my client, who is outside the village, to the south. Mord fellow, you will know him when you see him. Probably.
Now, listen carefully. You must not peek inside, no matter what! Is that clear? Good. Now, off you go!
You understood my instructions, yes? Then why are you still here?
Ah, there is the parcel. Get him!
You are back!? But that was not how─ Ahem! The client will you, I mean, reimburse you. Now, be off!
You were not supposed to fight back! Not fair, not fair!
Our job was to steal the package, not to hurt anyone, I swear!
Ask the taskmaster! Yes! He will tell you everything.
Please, no more! No more!
Is there a problem? Still looking for the client, are we?
No, stop! I can explain!
The truth is, there is no client. And the package is full of nothing but rocks. Not expensive ones, either. Just rocks!
I hire people to deliver the parcel and another group of thugs to steal it. When they return to me empty-handed, I demand compensation for the loss of my wares. No blood spilled, just coin changing hands, that is all!
Please, boss, no more. This is too complicated, too dangerous!
You are right. There must be easier ways to make money. We need something that requires less effort, less risk! Hmm...
Ahem! Kind traveler, will you accept this as an apology? And maybe no one needs to know about this, yes?