Pom-pom Panic

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A recent spate of dragon attacks has been keeping us on guard. One can never be too careful.

But no moogle can keep watch forever. My shift replacements were due to arrive some time ago, but there remains no sign of them. Could you see if they've run into any trouble along the road, kupo?

Where could they be? They should've been here bells ago, kupo.
This isn't good... A nasty gang of dragons attacked my companions and me, scattering us every which way. The three of them should be around here... Have you found any trace of them, kupo?
They say the best tactic to use when facing a dragon is to run... They should be around here somewhere, kupo...
We barely escaped by the fluff of our pom-poms, kupo! Well, time to go back to the others.
Are the dragons still out there? No? Then I guess I'll return...
Where's the bloody road... Ah! Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction, kupo!
The dragons might still be around somewhere...
Blasted dragons... Let's head back to Asah before they return in greater numbers, kupo.
Thank heavens we all made it, kupo!
We would've never found our way if it wasn't for you, adventurer. We won't let any of those vile beasts take us by surprise on the way back!