Proving Your Worth

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Well met, ally of Ronka. Did you hear? Almet's recently returned with an astounding catch.
She slew five Greatwood rails single-handedly. Five.
Almet is without question one of our greatest hunters, but I am most curious to see how you would fare against them. If you would take up the challenge, meet with me at the Great Pyramid of Ux'ner.
You have come. Very good! I care not for how many you can capture, only how it is done. When you have weakened one, use this sack to capture it and bring it back here.
Good luck in your hunt. I will be watching.
I can see now why Almet speaks so highly of you. Your form was unlike anything I have ever seen. But what of the Greatwood rail?
You have done well not to bruise the feathers or the skin. We can make good use of this.
Yes, such a prize warrants a reward. Meet with me at Fanow and I will see you compensated for your trouble.
For you, oh great hunter, and ally of Ronka.
I will see this to Almet and─
<gasp> She will ask where is my quarry!
What a fool I am. I should have been hunting with you. Perhaps if I can hunt four and offer them together with yours...