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Are you busy? If not, I would greatly appreciate some help with repairing this shed─it's something of a mess, at the moment.
I'm low on lumber, but it'll take ages to get the work done if I have to stop and hunt down more materials. Can you bring me four solid-looking planks, for the time being? Some of the wood from the old sunken ships ought to still be fit for use.
You're looking for wood that's not too waterlogged or splintered. Doesn't have to look appealing, as long as it's sturdy.
Did you find the lumber?
What's this─a ring?
Oh, this is a customs ring! They used to serve as authorization for traders to enter Eulmore.
How do I know? Well, I used to work in the shipyard, as a matter of fact. Read a lot about its history at the time.
Someday, I'd like to rebuild one of those old ships─make it fit to sail the world on grand adventures once again. It's a far cry from stripping the same vessels for shed materials, but a man can dream.
I'll give you a portion of my pay for this job as thanks for your help. I thought about splitting my lunch with you instead, but the money is probably more portable. And considerably less ripe, at this point.