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Red Tape

«An Illuminati Incident
«The Missing Logbook

The Golden Rule»

Transcript may differ from in-game version as efforts have been made to incorporate unused and/or altered text.
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Pshhh... Shkohhh... Finally, Idyllshire will have rules!

First, we need rules for renting tools. Until now, rules for renting borrowthings were too disorganized!

Now, all gobbies must write name, reason for borrowing, place to take, and much other information in ledger. Most important is name of borrower.

Dripwix already prepared ledger. Uplander, please take ledger to Drydox. Dripwix will make more new rules.
Quest Accepted

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

Uplander! Thank you for backtaking pickaxe last time. Can Drydox help you?

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

All gobbies must use ledger when renting borrowthings!? Nooo... This is too inconvenient. There are too many things to record. This looks difficult and confusing!
Please take ledger to Drydox. Dripwix will make more new rules.

Pshhh... Shkohhh... You deliver ledger? Excellent! Now borrowthings will not disappear frequently!

Next is rules for watchguards. Dripwix made new map of Idyllshire. Map shows borders of Idyllshire with clearness!

With this, all watchguards' problems will be completely solved! Please take map to Tapklix. Dripwix will create more, more rules!

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

This ledger is horrible! Why must we use it? It look so difficult, so confusing...

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

Uplander, thank you for helping gather watchguards before. Can Tapklix help you?

Pshhh... Shkohhh... What is this!? It makes Tapklix's eyes hurt!

Map's borderlines are too complicated! Gobbies must remember all lines? Tapklix doubts gobbies can remember such complicated map...
Please take map to Tapklix. Map will fix all watchguards' problems.

Pshhh... Shkohhh... Uplander! Welcome back. Watchguards' problems should be now completely fixed.

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

Dripwix greatly appreciates uplander's hand-lending. Dripwix will look for more problems, will look forward to your help when they are found!
Quest Completed

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

Tapklix's eyes still hurt from map...