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Leave it to me to supervise this bandit investigation for the time bein'. I've a few tricks from me time in the 'Cudas that I can teach to the watch.
I've summat to share with you, Forename. I pulled a scrap of parchment from a campfire I found up by Hemlock, and the bits what weren't blackened and burnt were an interestin' read.
Seems it was a contract of a sort, promisin' the sale of a “historically significant blade” to a certain Lominsan merchant. I'll give you one good guess as to which bloody blade it's referrin' to.
That Lominsan bloke never gives a name, but 'e's infamous for buildin' a trade empire on the ashes o' the Calamity. There's rumors aplenty as to why the shifty bugger's so successful, an' not a few of 'em point to a profit made from black market goods.
Well, it turns out that this infamous merchant was stopped at a checkpoint on the border. The Temple Knights there were keepin' an eye out for the stolen sword, and reported that the trader was last seen makin' for Boulder Downs.

That seems to match up with what we read in that contract, eh? We need to find that merchant, and wait until the thief shows up with the blade.

What say you both? I can count on you to come along, right?
Now ye just 'old on there, miss. I took yer instructor job, but that don't mean ye can drag me into the fray to wipe yer godsdamn arses!
No one's sayin' you have to do any fightin'. Think of it as a chance to train us in the field! ...Even if you might need to dodge a bullet or two.
Why do I let meself get roped into these messes... Well, seein' as that merchant is givin' me 'omeland a bad name, I s'pose I can 'elp ye this one time. I better see ye out there, too, Forename.
That's settled, then! Get your kits and meet us out near Boulder Downs.
Ugh, they ain't payin' me enough for this, but the 'Ounds did need testin' in a proper battle sooner or later. An' I reckon as long as we're there, odds are they won't die short an' 'orrible deaths.
Did you hear? We're like to have our first proper battle soon! I hope I can hold my weapon steady!
Oh, there'll be blood alright─those bandit types never give up without a fight. Let's see how well we've learned Rostnsthal's lessons, eh?
After all that trainin', the Hounds are strainin' at the leash. Come on over to Boulder Downs, and we'll see if our bite's worse than our bark.
I won't lie to ye: yer likely walkin' into a fight. Pick yer targets, an' aim true.
N-Nervous? I'm not b-bloody nervous! It's the, uh─what's the damn word─anticipation! Aye!
This ain't nothin' like patrollin' the Brume. It's too open...
We found the merchant, Forename─he's out there doin' a deal as we speak. But first we need to make sure his customer is the thievin' bastard we're lookin' for.
Symme. Grab another Hound and sniff out the situation.
Ye'd best go too, Forename. Just in case them pups run into summat they can't 'andle.
If Symme fouls this up, be sure to give him a good smack across the snout from me.
Keep an eye on Symme for me, eh?
What, Hilda don't trust us or summat? After all the drills Rostnsthal's put us through, I reckon we can manage a bit of spyin'.
...Are you certain of this? As I recall, the client requested that Hrunting be delivered directly upon its acquisition.
Aye, that was the deal. We delivered the sword, but then our “client,” as ye say, turned around an' gave it right back. Change o' bleedin' heart or summat, I don't know. Look, can ye fence the thing or not?
Yes...yes, I'm sure we can come to an equitable arrangement!
...Aye, this's the bloke. Yes, ma'am, he's got the sword... Understood.
Hilda's gettin' ready to charge in. We wait here for the rest of the Hounds.
The sacred blade Hrunting... An impressive piece, heavy with history and tradition. It should fetch a fine price with the right buyer!
Well, thank the bloody gods for that. Now about our share...
I've got summat to share with you right here, brigand.
Who in the bloody hells are you?
Hilda's Hounds. We uphold the law in Ishgard, and you are all suspects in the theft of the sacred blade Hrunting.
Ishgardian soldiers!? I'll not risk my life against you fanatics!
Get back here, ye coward! Bah! ...I don't know how ye found us, but ye'll not be leavin' here alive!
The lads are still after the bandit chief himself, but it looks like we've got this lot sorted. We'll march 'em back to Ishgard, squeeze 'em for information, then hand 'em over to Muscadain.
...We did it, Forename─we got the sword back. The Hounds've done well, eh?
What do you say?
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! The Hounds have done very well! ! The Hounds need more training.

Thanks, Forename, that means a lot comin' from you.
Well, o' course they've bloody done well! They've got me to train 'em!
...Aye, we could stand to sharpen our fangs a bit. But it won't be long till we're a force to be reckoned with!
There's no denyin' ye've got spirit, lass. As long as ye stay hungry, the rest'll come in time.
Sorry, Hilda, but the leader's gone. Seems the bastard had a chocobo hidden nearby─he was in the saddle and away afore we could catch him...
Bah! Well, there's naught to be done about it. The blade's ours now, in any case, so let's call this one a victory. Time to head home!
Forename, 'ang about for a bit, would ye? There's summat we need to discuss.
We showed them bastards, didn't we! Ishgard's got naught to fear with Hilda's Hounds patrolling the streets!
I hate to say it, but that mission wouldn't have gone half as smooth if not for them awful drills. Bloody hells, would you listen to old Symme, though. The success has gone right to his head...
...Where's Rostnsthal got to? I thought he was with you.
When ye was fightin' them bandits, I got a glimpse o' the leader's weapon. An' I reckon I might know where 'e got it from...

But I'll need to do some snoopin' around afore I'm certain. Old 'abits die 'ard, I guess.

Anyway, do me a favor and tell 'Ilda that I'll be takin' some time off until I've satisfied me curiosity.
Welcome back, Forename. Wait, where's Rostnsthal? I thought he was with you?

Eh? Takin' time off to chase after a hunch? What the hells is that old pirate up to?

I guess we'll just have to muddle along without him while he's lookin' into that firearm business. Besides, I'd be lyin' if I said I wasn't a bit curious about it myself.

What about you, Forename? Come back to the Brume when you can, and it might be as we'll have a tale to tell.
Ugh. Not on my first...mission...

Battle Dialogue

Come out an' play, lads! We've some dogs what need a whippin'!
Steady now, Hounds! Make your instructors proud!
Had enough yet?
Bloody hells... Right. Bring out me beauty!
Here, I've a new playmate for ye! Have fun!
Where do you think you're goin'!? Symme! Eudestand! After him!
Aye, boss!
Where'd they get a bleedin' torama? Watch ye don't get stunned!
We're startin' to flag here, Forename. Stop it from gettin' off them nasty shocks!
Shite... That hurt...
Hilda, I can't... It's getting dark...
Sorry, Hilda... I'm done in...