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Resistance Is (Not) Futile

«Fire in the Forge
Transcript may differ from in-game version as efforts have been made to incorporate unused and/or altered text.
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You wish to forge another resistance weapon? We do have a surplus of materials from the first, but there still remains the matter of the powder.

When we first resolved to undertake the forging of these weapons, we understood it would come at considerable cost. But it is no exaggeration to say that a single weapon has greatly taxed our coffers.

It shames me to ask this after you have done so much for our cause, but... Might we prevail upon you to procure the powder on our behalf?

Hopefully, acquiring the means to barter for additional powder shouldn't be too taxing a task for a worldly adventurer such as yourself.
My apologies for placing such a burden on you, but we simply cannot afford to accrue further debt from Mistress Rowena.
I take it you have paid visit to the House of Splendors?
Excellent. I will have Master Gerolt set to work at once.
Linin' Rowena's pockets again... <sigh>

Better your coin than the Bozjans' I suppose. If yer sure about this, we'll get to finishin' yer weapon.

Some o' me best work, if I do say so meself. ________ !

Some o' me best work, if I do say so meself. I call 'em _________ and _________ !

If what we've learned about the blades o' Gunnhildr is true, ye can make 'em stronger dependin' on what manner o' monster you felled with 'em. Should hold true for yers as well.

So once ye've put 'em/her through their/her paces, come back an' I'll see about toughenin' 'em/her up.