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Reviving the Legacy

«The Wisdom of Allag

Forget Us Not»

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Fine. I'll let Cid try his hand first. But if that doesn't work, we're doing it my way.
<blip> Threat detected...
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
I should probably mention that I have yet to meet Cid since waking up. Rammbroes did send word to the Ironworks, but it appears our friend has been afield on urgent business.
Nevertheless, I assure you my proposal to seek his help is no pretext, however much I might look forward to seeing him again. Him and everyone. But come, let us be on our way.
Hehehe! Look at him, all but running... How sweet.
Still, it wouldn't do to keep him waiting. Shall we?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Krile's back too. I wonder what was decided at the council...
I take it you have news to share. So do I.
I'm pleased to see your mission was a success─and in no small part due to the Bonanza!
<blip> Large lowborn presence detected.
Wonderful news, Forename! Tataru contacted Cid on our behalf, and he is on his way here even as we speak!
While we wait, I should like very much to hear what transpired at the Alliance council. Would you be so kind, Krile?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
As you know, the meeting was convened to discuss how best to respond to recent events in Garlemald.

According to intelligence from our Doman allies, the war of succession rages on, and the Empire remains without a leader.

Amidst the chaos, the imperial legions in the provinces have begun to move independently of the motherland.

Of greatest concern to us is the IIIrd, a legion aligned with Lord Nerva. It appears they have received substantial financial backing from House Brutus.
Brutus... Aren't they the ones who took in Yotsuyu and Asahi? This bodes well...
Zenos's movements, meanwhile, remain shrouded in mystery. We're hoping that Thancred and Urianger will be able to shed some light on his activities when they return.

Until such time as they do, the Allied leaders feel it would be unwise to interfere in the conflict. And so, thanks in part to the imperial withdrawal from Ghimlyt, they have decided to turn their attention to the primal problem once more.

Working with friendly factions among the beast tribes, they hope to reopen dialogue and explore new avenues for peace.

Given the timing, I suspect they wish to put their respective houses in order ahead of a decisive clash with the Empire.

Whatever their intent, this is not a problem easily solved. The Lominsans, in particular, struggle in their efforts, and Alphinaud and Y'shtola have been called upon to aid them.
So long as we are dealing with the tempered, I'm afraid no amount of dialogue will avail us.
But if we can develop a treatment for tempering, then anything is possible!
Which is why we must succeed.
And on that cheery note, why not make yourselves comfortable in Dawn's Respite? I'll show Cid in as soon as he arrives!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
I understand you took a little trip to Azys Lla. Raha made himself useful, I trust?
We've made the Respite cozier than ever. You're going to love it!
Cid, at long last...
As important as Ga Bu is to me, I know only too well how much more is at stake here. A cure could change the whole world.
<blip> <bloop> Warning: His Highness is exhibiting elevated blood pressure.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Forgive us for not coming to see you sooner, my friend. As you may have heard, we've had our hands full.
In our defense, you are up rather early. I was under the impression you'd be slumbering awhile longer.
Oh, I would have been─had you not fulfilled your promise.
Hah! I still struggle with that idea. From where I stand, the secrets of traversing time and space seem exactly as unfathomable as they ever did.

But if an alternate version of myself has already laid them bare, I daresay that frees me up to concentrate on other endeavors. Speaking of which, you wanted my help with something. What is it?

Well, well...a treatment for tempering. And for the next step, you need to find the password to this Allagan's report...
Just so. With nary a clue to guide us, we could be here forever and still not guess correctly. And thus we turn to you.
Well, I'd love to say that we could help I will. Once suitably configured, a magitek terminal should make short work of identifying the password.
I knew I could rely on you. Now, anticipating that it might be of use, I took the liberty of borrowing a tomestone from Rammbroes. It contains an Allagan dictionary.
Good thinking. I'll transfer the information to a terminal and set it to work right away.

Ah, looks like it's finished. Let's see...

“Freedom.” The password is “freedom.”
Hah. Short and simple, just as I said. Would you care to do the honors, Your Highness?
I would, milady!
Node, open the report entitled “Eikonic Corruption ─ An Overview,” password: freedom!
Password accepted. <bloop> Opening report...
This report seeks to provide an overview of the mechanism by which eikons corrupt and bind men to their will.

The phenomenon we call “corruption” refers to the alteration of the aether of the soul.

Said aether ordinarily exists in equilibrium; no one element being more prominent than another.

But when a subject is exposed to the aether of an eikon, this changes, their soul taking on the properties of the entity in question.

By way of an example, exposure to the aether of the Fiend, Sephirot, would cause a subject's aether to become aligned with the element of earth.

As a consequence, the subject would attain heightened affinity with earth-aspected magicks, as well as preternatural levels of endurance. Repeated exposure would further enhance these traits, ultimately altering the subject's very flesh.

The changes undergone by the subject are not solely attributable to elemental alignment, however. Further testing has determined that the subject's soul becomes umbrally charged, or stagnant during the process.

This stagnation of the soul has the effect of diluting the sense of self, rendering the subject vulnerable to the will of the eikon, the thoughts of whom come to consume their entire existence.

In this manner do the corrupted become worshipers of the eikon, their prayers serving to further empower the entity.

Having discerned the mechanism of eikonic corruption, my colleagues and I set out to develop a material capable of shielding one from its effects. An endeavor in which we were successful, albeit it at great cost...

In the course of testing, many of my assistants─good men and women all─fell victim to corruption. And in accordance with protocol, they were summarily put to death.

I subsequently submitted a proposal to investigate potential cures for corruption, but it was rejected─deemed “nonessential” by Lord Amon.

Though I knew it would be fruitless, I protested the decision. And for my impertinence, I have been stripped of rank and title, and will shortly be expelled from this facility.

In all likelihood, this report will be expunged from the archives. Nonetheless, I record it in the hope that one day, someone will undertake to do that which I could not, and find a cure for the victims of eikonic corruption. End recording.
So not even the Allagans were able to find a cure. Or rather, were not given the chance to do so. One cannot help but wonder what motivated Lord Amon's decision.
More importantly, this confirms that stagnation of the soul is indeed the problem─and Angelo can remedy that.
True. Yet were we simply to reanimate a tempered soul, I fear it would do naught to diminish the individual's fanatical faith. Indeed, it may well intensify it.
No, we would somehow need to suppress the primal's hold over the subject at the same time, or risk them ever remaining its thrall.
What will you say?
If we could only make them remember who they were... So there's no point in reviving their souls unless we can also restore their sense of self?
But of course─memory transference! The process has the effect of compartmentalizing memories─separating them into manageable bundles, if you will.

By adapting the technique, it may be possible to achieve selective reanimation. That is, limit the effects to only those memories that existed prior to tempering.

Through thus restoring the sense of self, we could theoretically drown out the incitements of false faith which had come to dominate the individual's thoughts.
I see... The theory seems sound. And our experience treating the Light-corrupted would help us to identify suitable memories for reanimation.
But are you confident you can adapt memory transference as required? I seem to recall your attempts to do so while trying to bring us home culminated in literal bloodletting.
They did, you are right. Despite my best efforts, I could not recreate the mechanism. And I concede that the rather clumsy compromise I reached would not provide the basis for a cure.
Then perhaps it's better that we consider another approach.
Your doubts are understandable, but this time I believe we have reason to be confident.

You see, nodes such as this were built with the ability to simulate magicks.

Which leads me to believe that it may be capable of performing simulations of the transference technique. If so, we would be able to conduct years' worth of tests within the space of a few days.
Hm. In theory, it would be no different from how we identified the password.
But it'll take more calculating power. A lot more. I honestly couldn't say whether our equipment would be up to the task.
Tell me, Cid. Why do you suppose Owen locked his report behind a password?
To keep it from prying eyes, of course. Why else?

...Wait. A password that could be guessed by anyone with leisure and a dictionary wouldn't keep it from a person minded to look.

No, he wanted his report to be those who strive for freedom.
Not unlike the members of a certain distinguished engineering collective. I believe their motto was “Freedom through Technology,” or some such.
You two─round up as many magitek terminals as you can find and bring them to the workshop.
Right away, Chief!
Things are about to get very busy. Lucky we have you to help, eh?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
We're getting there, Forename. One step at a time.
As with our first foray into the Labyrinth of the Ancients, we seek to venture into the unknown. And in order to succeed, we require not only knowledge and preparation, but daring besides. Just like old times.
Suffice it to say, I shall be of whatever help I can.
Hmmm, all those magitek terminals won't come cheap... Ack, shut up, Tataru. Some things you shouldn't put a price on.
Right, while G'raha Tia and I configure the terminals, I want the rest of you to procure supplies.
Namely, ceruleum to fuel the terminals and ice shards to keep them cool. The more we have of both, the better.
Leave the ice shards to me. I'll round up some adventurers and go on a gathering spree.
In that case, I'll trust Forename and Alisaie with the ceruleum. Here's a promissory note for each of you.
Take them to the Skysteel Manufactory in Ishgard and the Ceruleum Processing Plant in Thanalan. The people there will give you what we need.
Yours is a well-known face in the Holy See, I believe? If it's all the same to you, I'll head to Thanalan.
If Alisaie's bound for the Ceruleum Processing Plant, you'll want to take yourself to the Skysteel Manufactory. Off you go, now.
We shall see to it the terminals are ready by the time you return.
The workshop hasn't been used for a while. I'll have to give it a good clean!
We're about to set out for the ice shards. I suggest we all compare spoils when we return.
We're all raring to gather ice shards. I expect we'll head out any moment now...just as soon as those two have finished limbering up.
For ice shards, there is no better place than Coerthas. We shall see to it we return with only the finest samples.
That's the spirit, Brother! We can't be seen pulling less weight than G'raha Tia!
We'll bring back so many ice shards, the workshop will be a veritable ice house! ...Now then, where did I put my thick mittens?
G'raha Tia's scarcely been here, but he's already impressed the britches off both Hoary and Ocher! That's my job!
You stand in the Skysteel Manufactory. What is it you require?

Welcome back, Master Forename. How may I serve you this day?

So you are after ceruleum. In that case, please present the note to our engineer at the airship landing. He shall be glad to assist you.

Please present the note to our engineer at the airship landing. He shall be glad to assist you.
Ceruleum? You've come to the right man. Fair warnin', though: the price has shot up on account of the uncertainty with the Empire, so I hope you've got the coin!
Well now, a promissory note from the Ironworks. Don't see many of these. Not that it's a problem─it's as good as gold to me.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
My friend. After the disappointment of not seeing you in Ala Mhigo, what good fortune to chance upon you here of all places.

As you may have heard, the allied nations are making a renewed effort to address the primal problem.

To that end have I invited the chieftain of the Vanu to Ishgard, that we might together plot a course.

Since the war with the Empire appears to be nearing its conclusion, I would also like to call upon Estinien's lance. Alas, he is as ever a difficult man to find.

I am informed he recently paid a visit to the Rising Stones. Should he happen to do so again, be sure to pass on my regards, won't you.

But tell me, what business brings you to our fair city this day?

A cure for tempering... You never cease to amaze me. Until now, our only hope has been prevention, our every failure irrevocable. But this─this would rewrite the rules of engagement. It could end the cycle of bloodshed...!

Very well. You shall have all the ceruleum we can provide─and an airship with which to transport it.

In this matter, you may count on Ishgard's full support.
Who would have thought ceruleum weighed so much?
Serves me right for being stubborn, I suppose. I should have just done what you did and accepted help.
Good work, you two. This is all we asked for and more. Quite a lot more, now that I look at it...
Lord Aymeric, eh? And entirely by chance? Hah! Some people have all the luck.
We have also succeeded in configuring the terminals─thanks in no small part to our able assistant.
It's been a while, hero. You seem surprised to see me. Lest you misunderstand, I've no interest in such things as cures for tempering.
But if you mean to achieve that which eluded even the storied Allagans, it seemed plain that you would require my expertise. And so it proved. Is that not right, Garlond?
Ask Jessie. She was the one who hired you. All I know is you're an employee of the Ironworks now, so you'll bloody well earn your keep.
For all the effort it took to track you down after your latest disappearing act, you could find the cure for death and it wouldn't be worth the trouble.
Ahem. That wasn't the only reason I agreed to cooperate. I am reliably informed that Garlond and I are destined to unravel the secrets of travel not only across dimensions, but through time.
Doubtless the lion's share of the credit lies with me─nine parts to Garlond's one. And this research will be a stepping stone to that illustrious achievement.
Very well, then. I'll do a tenth of the work. Just the part that's beyond you.
Whatever you say, Garlond.
By the way, the healing applications of crystal foci proved very useful in getting us to where we are now. i must remember to thank Mikoto
Right! If everyone's ready, let's begin!
All appears to be in order. Now we just have to wait for it to find us our magick. Why not take this opportunity to put your feet up? This may take a while...
Damn it. It's overloading!
Chief! She won't last much longer!
We'll have to shut it down!
Wait! We're close! So very close!
Well, this is going swimmingly...
Please, a moment longer! I beg you!


I was able to memorize the magick before it faded. It still needs to be put to the proof, but...I believe we have our cure!
It's just as well. She'll never run again.
The fault is mine. I'm sorry.
Don't be. It may fall short of dimension-hopping, but a cure for tempering is not to be sniffed at.
This, my friend, is a world-changing discovery. One we're proud to have had a hand in. A few magitek terminals are a pittance to pay.
Thank you.
Well, we've done what we can. The rest is up to you.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.