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Sanguine Dragoon

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This page is a Stub for items and information from the Heavensward Patch 3.0 series of patches. Please expand it if you have additional details, or remove this template from the page if the article is complete.

«Dragoon's Errand

Dragoon's Fate»

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You come at a good time, my friend. I have tidings to share regarding the heretics we pursue.

They call themselves the Bloodbearers, and their leader is a man named Matheonien. He and his minions are all capable of assuming the form of dragons.

Such a transformation is possible by partaking of dragon blood─I daresay you have borne witness to it─and it grants the individual unholy strength.

Though the sanguine substance is precious, the Bloodbearers have access to an abundant supply owing to their pact with Graoully. That is why they have been able to offer our forces such fierce resistance.

Now, my sources tell me that the Bloodbearers have been sighted in the Chocobo Forest. If Heustienne means to reclaim Peregrine, as I believe, that is where she will go─and so must we.

Pray meet me at Tailfeather. We shall begin by making inquiries around the settlement.
Quest Accepted
I pray that we will be able to bring Heustienne home...
I took the liberty of speaking with some of the locals before you arrived.

They say that strange merchants have been acquiring goods in prodigious quantities. It seems to me the Bloodbearers are replenishing their stores.

Let us split up and scour the area for these so-called merchants. Should someone strike you as suspicious, confront him and gauge his reaction.
...One o' the See's dogs!? Ye ain't takin' me alive!
The one suspicious fellow I approached was an honest chocobo breeder. How fared your search?
Attacked by a false merchant! And you say you found this sliver of parchment upon the man... Hmmm, it bears a message ciphered in a manner favored by heretics. Thankfully, I am versed in it.
There is to be a meeting a short way south of here. Let us go there at once.
Thank the Fury, we were not too late.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Forename... Why are you here? Why is Ser Alberic here?
Rest assured your secret is safe with us. Your father is the only other soul that knows; Forename could not bear to see him suffer so.
...What ails you?
I am fine... It will pass... Now, I suspect it was Matheonien that led you here. As you can see, he and his Bloodbearers shall trouble the Holy See no more.
Even in self-imposed exile, you think of duty... But now that you have reclaimed Peregrine, there is no need for further deception. Come with us back to Ishgard─your family and your comrades have need of you.
I am sorry, but I cannot. I cannot return to Ishgard ever again.
Why!? What has happened to you!? The Heustienne I know would never forsake her people! She would never turn her back on her nation!
Please understand! I wish with all my heart to return home, but I have no choice!
I have partaken of dragon blood! When the heretics held me captive, they forced the vile substance down my throat!
Halone have mercy... Th-Then you...
Aye... I have already turned... Were I to set foot in Ishgard, I would be charged with heresy of the worst order.
If I alone must suffer, then so be it. But you know as well as I how the inquisition works. Should I be declared a heretic, suspicion is like to fall upon my parents as well. I will not allow that to happen.
Full well do I understand your plight, but what do you intend to do? You cannot mean to throw your life away!
Perish the thought! I owe my life to my father! If I must die, it shall not be in vain!

As Forename has shown us, a dragoon needs no banners to do what is right. And I know full well what I must do.

Upon my lance, I swear to hunt down Graoully and end his reign of terror!

Thank you, Forename. For showing me the path I must walk. For helping me to accept my fate.

I asked this of you once before, but I shall ask it again: please take care of my comrades and my father.
No matter how I searched, I could find no words to stop her... For now, let us return to the Observatorium.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
As I made my way back, I recalled words Heustienne once said to me.

“My worth is measured by the dragons I slay.”

To be changed into the very thing she has sworn to fight... I can only imagine the storm of turmoil that must rage within her.

Yet cruel though her fate is, we must make the best of the hand we have been dealt. And I believe I spy an opportunity.

In partaking of dragon blood, Heustienne has come to harbor the power of dragons. If she can but master this power, she may well have a fighting chance against Graoully.

It is not so different from harnessing the power of the Eye, I believe. Alas, the danger of corruption is far greater.

As you yourself have witnessed, dragon blood alters the flesh. And once the flesh is altered, the mind must soon follow.

Will Heustienne be able to conquer the dragon that has roused within her? I know not. But we must believe in her and lend her our strength, else she will surely be lost to us.

Pray resume your training once more, Forename, and keep your purpose ever close to your heart. For when next we meet, it will be to confront the dragon Graoully!
Quest Completed
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
The dragon within stirs, resonating with the Soul of the Dragoon.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.