Scattered to the Winds

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My letters! Scattered by the winds! Whose idea was it to build this city with so many breezy walkways?
<sigh> No. In this, too, I have no one to blame but myself. They are important to me, though, so might I ask you to search for them? There are three, all told. They likely came to rest in the Derelicts, as these things tend to.
I would fetch the letters myself, but I'm meant to be meeting someone here, and I don't believe I could stand to disappoint yet another person.
Ah, there you are. Did you have any luck?
You found all three! Wonderful! I cannot possibly express how difficult it would have been for me to rewrite them.
Wait... Now I've had a good look at you─are you perchance one of those responsible from freeing us from Vauthry's influence?
I thought as much. You have my thanks, for opening my eyes.
I used to reside in the Crystarium, you know. But the moment that I saw for myself what happens when the eaters take a person... I truly understood, for the first time, that our world teeters on the brink of destruction. I was terrified.
I knew I could do nothing to change fate. So I came to Eulmore, hoping to forget it instead. Abandoned my work, my family...everything. And I felt no guilt for it, convinced as I was that nothing mattered.
Now, though, the scales have fallen from my eyes. I've always been a coward, and what I did was a betrayal of the highest order. And I know...I know there's no going back.
If nothing else, however, I can apologize for what I've done. So I labored over these letters, hoping to convey my contrition. I don't expect forgiveness, but I hope it might mean something, at least, to those I left behind.
I cannot alter what has been done, but I can change myself. Try to be better. And you will always have my gratitude for giving me the ability to see that─you and your elven friend, both. Thank you.