Scrumptious Squirmers

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Ho there! You are the traveler who is the talk of the village, yes? Superb! There is a small favor I was hoping to ask of you. Have you, by chance, in your journeys across the realm, encountered those curious little creatures known as the Mord?

Splendid! That's just the answer I was hoping to hear. I would be most obliged if you could meet with a Mord merchant who's come to town and negotiate a simple transaction on my behalf.

Under normal circumstances, I would of course go myself, but I fear there is a matter of most pressing business to which I must attend.

I've asked around the village, but everyone─even some of the burliest fisherman types─seems downright frightened of the little fellow. I suppose they can't be blamed. We don't see many of their kind in these parts, after all, and the unfamiliar can be off-putting.

At any rate, I would appreciate it ever so much if you could handle this task in my stead. Needless to say, I will see that you are duly compensated upon your return.

I can scarcely wait to see what wondrous wares the Mord merchant has brought with him this time!
Hm? You are the one from Rhon Ron's shop, yes? Yes, yes, you are! If you come for more smooth and shiny pots, I am afraid you come at the wrong time. No, no, I have none today.

What is this? Chewy and salty salted fish liver? Yes, this is most tasty! Many a Mord will pay good coin to put this in his belly, oh yes!

And this bottle. I have seen it before, yes, I have. You were sent by someone from Knot, no? Then I have the perfect thing for you. Take this in return, and let the villagers rejoice and resound!

What is it, you ask? Why, it is full to the brim with the plumpest, juiciest, squirmiest worms you have ever seen! I know it is tempting, but try not to gobble and gorge yourself on them, yes?

You will come back to Souq someday, yes? Yes, you are most welcome─especially if you buy something at my shop! I will assemble the finest and shiniest pots for you, yes I will!
Ah, there you are, friend! I trust the transaction went smoothly?

Would you look at these worms! So plump, so juicy! Why, I can almost see why the Mord enjoy─ Er, perhaps not. At any rate, our fishermen will be overjoyed. Bait like this is sure to bring in a healthy haul.

I mean to make a point that this would not be possible without the cooperation of the Mord. Eventually, I hope to convince them that the little fellows aren't so bad after all. They're actually quite charming, wouldn't you agree? At any rate, thank you, friend. I trust this will suffice as payment for your efforts?