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An Axle to Grind»

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There is one last place I wish to visit.
I want to dig, dig, dig! Where is the next spot, Jamial?
West from here, close to the Nabaath Severance.
Then what are we waiting for? Must hurry, must hurry!
Yes, this is the spot. Let us see what we can find here.
Mmm... This dirt smells like it is hiding treasures! Time to work, work, work!
Nothing yet, but every handful of dirt I sift brings me closer to the shinies!
Ghun Gun, there is something I would like to ask you.
Yes, I am listening. Working, but listening.
Why do you go to such lengths to help me? You have had barely a moment's rest since we first began, yet you set about your digging like a man possessed.
What can I say? I love to work, that is all. Hmm... Maybe that is not such a good answer...
I mean, I am a Mord of Mord Souq! This is our way.
Is that so?
No such thing as a thing no one needs! And you need these treasures, yes? Then I will find them for you!
Helping each other, helping outsiders, it makes no difference. A job well done is a source of great pride for Mord!
Now I see why the Nabaath valued your ancestors' friendship so highly.
Oh! I have found something!
A tube? Wait, there is a lid... Let me open it... Ah! Something is inside... Jamial, what is this?
Hmm? Where did he go?
But I wanted to show him the treasure! Of all the times to go for a stroll...
Can you go and look for him? You will see further from higher ground. I will wait here and guard the relic.
Have you found him? Please, look harder!
So, what happened to him?
You do not know!? Oh... This bodes ill. Ill indeed!
While you were gone, I inspected the treasure.
Inside was a scroll which shows the Nabaath royal family tree. And the last malik's name was...
Which can only mean one thing─ That he is really the last malik's ghost!
He must have needed someone to find his final treasure so that he could pass into the afterlife!
We must inform Father!
If there are ghosts wandering around, he needs to warn everyone!
I am not sure what Father will make of these goings-on, but I must tell him what we saw! Or rather, what we did not see...
Forename! You have been assisting my son with his work, yes?
This is true, Father, but we have grim tidings!
Master Ghen Gen, might I have a─ Ah, there they are.
Whatever is the matter?
Do not come any closer...
Excuse me?
Keep away from me, spirit!
I beg your pardon? I may be rather long in the tooth, but I am still very much alive, I assure you!
So you came to the conclusion that I was a ghost of the last malik, on the basis that we have the same name? Perhaps we had best put this misunderstanding down to an overactive imagination...
Jamial IX, the last malik, was my grandfather. I was named after him, which makes me Jamial X.
So you are Nabaath royalty!? It all makes sense now... I think. But why did you disappear like that?
I tried to tell you that I was going to return to Mord Souq to prepare your reward, though it seems that you did not hear me. All of that scrabbling around in the dirt must have drowned out my voice...
Oh. Sorry about that. I will listen harder from now on!
In any case, I am incredibly grateful to both of you. I have learned much of my people and their exodus from the Flood.
But there must be many, many more shinies for us to find!
And that is not all... I want to know more about the history of the Mord and their friendship with the Nabaath! It is my duty as future leader of Mord Souq!
We cannot leave the treasures buried under the desert, or let the stories of our ancestors be forgotten!
Let us work together to unearth the past!
Master Ghen Gen, you have raised a fine son.
And he will be a great leader one day, if he can avoid working himself into an early grave!
Ghun Gun, there are many relics waiting to be discovered, but there is no need to rush. They will not crumble away to nothing while you are resting! Come, we have much to discuss.
Oh, Ghun Gun, where are your manners!? Forename, I am sorry. He has forgotten to express his gratitude! Please, allow me, on his behalf. Thank you!
But I was wondering─between all of that digging, did he find time to rest?