Simple Gifts

«The Unbroken Thread
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Oh─it is you! On behalf of all of us, thank you for fighting for the Crystarium!

As a matter of fact, several citizens have prepared small gifts for you to show their appreciation. I said that if I saw you, I would let you know, you are!

The ones that I have heard from are Julstan in Musica Universalis, Tobyl in Sweetsieve, and one of the instructors with the Facet of Gathering...what was her name again? No matter─you will find her at the Quadrivium, with the children.

When you have a moment, please speak with them!

You should stop by Musica Universalis, Sweetsieve, and the Quadrivium when you have a moment. Everyone is eager to thank you personally!
Thank you for stopping by! I very much wanted to present this to you directly.

You probably won't be surprised that this is what we came up with, but─the merchants here thought that a piece of armor would be most useful to you, so we pooled our funds for this. May it serve you well!

Stay safe out there! None of us wants to lose you.
Greetings─and heartfelt thanks! It's only because you fought for us that our vegetable plots remain intact, and we may continue to live peacefully.

It is but a meager offering in comparison to what you've done for us, but we've prepared some food using the vegetables grown here for you to take with you on your journey. I hope that it suits your palate!

Wheresoever you may go, I hope that you will think of the Crystarium when you eat the food that we prepared for you.
Oh, I'm so glad that you haven't already left the city! I wanted to present you with this gift─it's from all of us.

We wanted to give you something homegrown, but were worried about burdening you too we used fruit from the orchards to make juice! Hopefully it will make for a refreshing treat on the road.

When I say “we,” I do mean all of us. The children had a bit of difficulty pressing the lemons, but we got there in the end!
You met with everyone, then? Wonderful! If you like, I can prepare those gifts for you to carry more easily.
Here you are! And please know that no matter where you travel, you'll be in our thoughts.