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As Gerolt mentioned, we will require some manner of reagent to bind the crystal's aether to the weapon.

For this particular transaction, the House of Splendors is but an intermediary for the manufacturer. Goblin metalworkers of some renown in Idyllshire, apparently.

According to Regana, despite the material requiring the use of some sort of special forge, she was able to negotiate a reasonable agreement. It still struck me as rather a lopsided deal in their favor, but we have little choice but to take her word for it...

For our part in the bargain, we've been asked to procure two varieties of mechanical parts. They must be of the highest quality if we are to appease the goblins' discerning eyes.

Supposedly, the parts in question are commonly found in an apparatus employed by the Illuminati as well as the Empire's forces. We've been asked to collect thirty of each.

We've been asked for compact springs and axles, thirty of each. I'm sure you encounter plenty of imperials in your line of work, and possibly even a few Illuminati, both of which should possess the parts we seek.

Seika, the House of Splendors representative overseeing this transaction, has arrived with the reagent. May I assume you have the requested parts?
Hmmm. Yes, everything appears to be in order. As agreed, here is the reagent.
Wait, I know you. Well, of you, at any rate. Good o' you to be takin' time away from yer forge just to make a delivery.
Think nothing of it. Having carried out my fair share of weapon repairs and alterations, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious to see what it might be used for.
Unfortunately, it took me longer to get here than I expected, so I'd better get back to my other commissions. When you are finished here, perhaps we could discuss your work over drinks in Idyll─
A-Ah! Yes. Before I leave, there was a proposal I wished to make.

A wholesale contract for subsequent shipments of reagent.

As a fellow artisan, I'm sure you can appreciate the convenience of a surplus stock. What's more, such a contract would eliminate much of the clerical work in requesting more from our goblin colleagues.
We will eventually have need of more reagent, but enough to warrant a wholesale contract...?
Just think of it as a friendly agreement between artisans.
Sorry, lass, the answer's no! I'd rather boil me own head than agree to any more deals with the House of Splendors, of all bloody places!
You must forgive Gerolt, he is not usually so...forthright in these negotiations. That said, I cannot help but suspect Mistress Rowena has some ulterior motive in allowing such a contract to be signed on her behalf.
Well, you are free to believe what you will. With or without this contract, so long as the goblins get their parts, we can continue to do business.
My invitation to Idyllshire still stands, by the way. I hope you'll consider it when your work here has finished.
Hmm... If she would still welcome Gerolt in Idyllshire after his little outburst, perhaps her offer truly was in good faith.