Strange Stew

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Finless one, is it true that on the shhhore, your people treat your food with fire to make it last longer?
Ah hah, I thought so! You see, ever since the waters withdrew, our foodstuffs have become more prone to rot and decay. Something about exposssure to air, I sssuspect...
With this in mind, we thought we might try to mimic your fire-assisted methods. We prepared a “cookpot” which was cast into the sea, but despite our best efforts to replicate your techniques, the result was quite disssappointing.
As a finless one, surely you are more capable of making this so-called ssstew? If you might take this trilobite meat and place it into the cookpot as we obssserve, it would be most educational.
The others are gathered atop the rise to the eassst. You will forgive me for keeping my distance─I have yet to grow accussstomed to the heat of the flames...
Please take that trilobite meat to the others tending the pot and demonssstrate for them how a finless one prepares meat over fire. I will...obssserve from afar.
Ah, finless one! You are come to show us how ssstew is made?
Is the ssstew ready yet, finless one...?
Ahh! So hot it is, like the boiling currentsss near the deepwater vents!
But it must be this hot, else the meat will ssspoil, yes? I fearful of the heat were we that we did not consssider cooking it longer. But now we know.
Thank you for teaching us, finless one. Take with you a portion of the ssstew back to Pulshs Ooan that he may sssavor this taste for himself.
Pulshs Ooan must know the taste of this ssstew. Take to him that portion.
Well? Were you able to educate the others, finless one?
How hot it is, yet delicious! To think such wonders could be born of deadly fire. Thank you for teaching us the proper methods.