Supply and Demands

«Takin' What They're Givin' Give It to Me Raw»
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It so happens that I've a situation that must be resolved posthaste─and I do mean posthaste.

I'm plumb out of premium product, and my latest order has yet to arrive! If I keep my customers waiting any longer, this could irrevocably damage my reputation!

What's worse, I paid my man in advance for his services. Despite his assurances that it would be a simple affair, I've heard nothing since he departed for Copperbell Mines days ago.

Find Drunken Stag and give him this notice. I cannot afford any further delay.
What do you want? Hm? Dadanen's product?
He can send all the notices he likes, but it won't change a thing.

The Concern has closed the mines due to some incident in the depths.

It's a godsdamned shame too─lost a decent haul just over yonder during all the chaos...