Takin' What They're Givin'

«Way Down in the Hole Supply and Demands»
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Look what the coeurl dragged in. Good to see you, Forename. I'd ask what brings you, but I reckon we both know the answer to that already.

Well, have I ever let you down before? Wait, don't answer that...

So happens I know a fella by the name of Dadanen who needs a hand. He's a merchant by trade, sellin' precious stones to those in Ul'dah with the means to buy them.

He's asked that I send any lookin' for work his way. You can find him over in Horizon, if you fancy.

That's in western Thanalan, mind you. Just cross the bridge north of Scorpion Crossing and the road will take you there.

Knowin' the circles he deals in, might be he'll have some talk of the royal family that'll interest you, as well.

And why not make use of a chocobo porter for the journey to Horizon? If you've the gil for it, that is.

You'll find the chocobo stables just across the way from my Quicksand. Find Mimigun─he'll set you straight.

Well, off you go, then. I haven't got all day to be holdin' your bloody hand!

Forename Surname, I presume? Aye, Momodi said to expect you, and so I have.

Welcome to Horizon. Ours is a trading settlement that sees goods in from the port of Vesper Bay to the west─and trade we do. Nary a day goes by that Horizon isn't bustling with some manner of merchants and officials.

They keep us running about busy, they do. Enough so that I wish I had chocobo legs in place of my own. And that's why I've asked Momodi to send me any souls looking for work.

Twelve know there is plenty of it to be done around here. Speak to me again when you are ready to make yourself of some use.