The Most Succulent of Succulents

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Sinner! Over here! You have seen fruiting gigantenders nearby, yes?
Very aggressive, they are. We Mord stay away from them, but someone like you... Yes, I have an idea.
You are healthy, strong! I have a favor to ask. Bring me chunks, big chunks of their flesh.
Go east from here and you will find them, or they will find you! You shall be rewarded if you do as I say. Quickly, now!
Still here, but why? Maybe you have changed your mind, yes?
You have it? Show me, show me!
You have done well. Very well...
Heh heh... This is not for Mord mouths, no. A fine price this will fetch, though.
Sinners like you enjoy the flesh of the little ones. The big ones, not so much.
Yes, little ones are good for selling, but hard to catch, hard to kill. But not so difficult for you, it seems...
Here, take these shinies.