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Aye, I know why you're here. Yer lookin' to better tune the weapon to match the way ye like to fight. Lucky fer you, I've a plan.
The process ain't that different from what we've done before, mind, but we need to be a mite more particular about which memories we use.
Easier said than done, I imagine. How is he to know what effect the memories will have before they are applied?
That's just it, lad. He can't.

First, we need to find a way to analyze the aether trapped in 'em. Bugger me if I know how, though.

Bah, all this ponderin' an' postulatin' ain't fer me, lad. If it's all the same to you, I think I'll head to the store─ Erm, take a stroll to clear me head.
There will be no need for that Gerolt. I believe I have the solution you are looking for.
Regana, what are you doing here? And where in the world did you acquire such a device?
Ever since laying eyes on it, I was intrigued by Mikoto's recording module, and so as part of my arrangement with the Resistance, I commissioned an Allagan node of my own from the Ironworks.

Even by Allagan standards, it really is quite remarkable. But what interested me most is its highly advanced data analysis protocol.

Thanks to modifications by the Ironworks engineers, it should have no problem analyzing the aetherial properties of any crystallized memories found by Forename, and subsequently infusing said aether into the Resistance weapons.
So yer sayin' with this floatin' Allagan trinket plan would actually work!?
Well, wouldn't be the first time I had help from one o' these Allagan trinkets. If you're sure it'll do the job, then I say we put it through its paces.
Thank you, Regana, thank you! I never imagined the House of Splendors would go so far to help our cause.
Well, our help is not without its price, I assure you. And make no mistake─when all is said and done, this Allagan node will be returning with me to Mor Dhona.
We will always have use for an efficient worker that follows instructions to the letter. One that doesn't need frequent strolls along the beach or a constant supply of ale. At this rate, certain artisans may find their services are no longer required.
I...cannot say I like the implications of that, but aiding the Resistance must come first. You have our full cooperation, for the time being, at least...
Splendid. Then let us return to the matter of analyzing the crystallized memories.

Your part in this is quite simple: you need but provide a sufficient sample size of crystals to the node. It will create a registry of any memories it is supplied, analyzing each entry for its combat potential.

When the analysis is complete, we can readily assess the manner in which each memory would affect the Resistance weapon, thereby allowing you to choose those most suitable to your needs.
And for that, we'll be needin' memories.

Variety bein' the spice o' life an' all, I think it for the best if ye look fer two types o' memories. Eighteen of each should do. At least, I hope it will.

If that's not a flagon of ale or crystal memories in yer hands, I'll have to ask ye to leave me be for now, lad.

<blip> Please insert memory samples for registration and analysis.

<blip> Processing...

Processing complete. <blip> <blip> Initiating memory analysis...
<blip> <blip> Memory analysis complete.
Memory registry compile complete. Zero anomalies detected.
So far so good. Now to determine which memory is best suited to Forename's weapon.
<blip> Warning. <blip> Probability of successful infusion estimated at 3.2%. Do you wish to proceed?
What in the seven hells!? No! Why is the chance o' success so bleedin' low?
Aetheric instability detected within the weapon. <blip> Infusion of additional aether will result in aetherial corruption.
It's unstable? But I followed the old Bozjan techniques to the letter!

We unearthed a number of tomes in the ruins beneath the southern front, one of which pertained to the fashioning of crystal foci.

To ensure the stability of aether held within them, they were said to be coated with a solution made with aetherial siltstone.
Were they now? Then I suppose we'll have to do the same. Good on ye, Zra... Zala... Erm...
<sigh> I am glad to be of help, but there is still the matter of tracking down the siltstone...
Naturally, the ruins of Bozja would be a good place to start. I have also heard that in ancient times, pottery made with aetherial siltstone found its way to lands far and wide. Unfortunately, it has all but disappeared from circulation in today's markets.
In that case, whoever bought those pots back in the day might have left some lyin' around, maybe even in ruins o' their own.
Oi, if we were to feed you relics made with aetherial siltstone, reckon ye could whip up a coatin' for the Resistance weapon?
<blip> <blip> Provided sufficient quantities, production of aetherial sealant is possible.
My, what an ingenious solution. You impress me, Gerolt.
'Course there's only one person here what can safely plumb the depths o' dark, dank ruins an' come out in one piece. Best ye consult with Zalatan about which ruins ye go about plumbin', though.
Zlatan, Master Gerolt... Zlatan.
Ahem. When you are ready to depart, Blade Surname, we may discuss the matter of where best to excavate the relics we seek.