The Syrcus Trench

«A Requiem for Heroes

City of the First»

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Good news, Forename! We've had a stroke of luck in our search for that beacon!
Apparently, our colleagues have stumbled across a hidden path leading down into the hollows around the base of the Crystal Tower.
...A path I doubt we'd ever have found had the Ironworks and the Sons not added their numbers to the party.
Thanks to them, we have eager eyes aplenty down there, checking under rocks and peering into every nook and cranny. Still, it sounds like there's a lot of ground to cover...
What will you say?
Then we'd better go and give them a hand!
My thoughts exactly!
The sooner we find this beacon, the sooner you can travel to wherever it is this mysterious voice is coming from.
...Sounds like tedious work. But not as tedious as waiting around, I suppose.
Exactly! So I was thinking we should go and lend a hand. The sooner we find this beacon, the sooner you can travel to wherever it is this mysterious voice is coming from.
And the sooner we can work out how to help our friends.
We have to find a way to wake them up─and before the Empire comes calling again! Meaning we have no time to lose!
There's a boat in north Silvertear waiting to ferry people to the site, so let's be on our way!
Heading to the survey site, sir? It's on the eastern shore of the lake, and the swiftest way to get there is by boat.
Take the boat to the survey site?
Answer 1
Forename! The search continues, but I have no doubt we shall find this beacon of yours!
The air here weighs heavily upon me. 'Tis little wonder, I suppose, when standing in the shadow of such an imposing structure.
The Archons need our help! Next to that, even matters of the heart don't seem to matter!
I've detected no slavering beasts in the sister excepted.
The Ironworks is out in force! Master Garlond's orders!
That towering edifice is the outer wall of the Crystal Tower's foundation─the Labyrinth of the Ancients to be precise.
Continue with the main scenario quest?
Answer 1
I've been keeping that device you uncovered safe and sound. Did you need to use it again...?
Touch the beacon and travel to the First?
Answer 1
Seeing as we've set up a site here anyway, we decided to conduct a thorough investigation of the tower's base.
And here we are. Welcome, my friend, to the Crystarium.