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The Will to Resist

«For Want of a Memory

In the Queen's Image»

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What will you do?
Undertake this quest as another job. Undertake this quest as
an Armorer
Come to further strengthen your weapon, I see. Then we shall have need of more memories.

Of course, if we wish to see any significant improvement, they will need to come from much fiercer battles.

But where to find them? I have no doubt the fighting on the southern front has grown more perilous, but what more is there to do? Journey in search of some dark, dreary dungeon teeming with unspeakable horrors?

Well... I suppose you have already come this far. Surely you understand your limits better than I. If you can procure six crystals of these grizzly, bitter memories, I believe that should suffice.
Eager to refine another of your weapons, I take it? Then you know what must be done.

Another six of your grizzliest bitter memories from the southern front or perhaps some other perilous place you may recall from your adventures.

I can only imagine what horrors you will face to acquire the memories we need, but I wish you luck. Stay safe out there, Blade Surname.
I take it your search for memories went well? If you are ready to begin, I would ask you unequip your weapon.
Lest you worry, I've kept my eye on Master Gerolt, and made sure he saw to preparations. I trust you have everything we need?

Excellent! And the weapon, please.

All right, I pray Master Gerolt is ready to get to work.
Forename! Your timin' couldn't be better! I've just <hic> sobered up!
Hiding ale again!? But where could you have... <sigh> Never mind. Might we set to work, please?
Ye ever see anythin' so beautiful? The spirit of battle made manifest,
Ain't she a beaut? The spirit of battle made manifest,

'Course, we can't forget her dazzlin' companion,

Now if you'll excuse me, there's a mug of ale around here somewhere with me name on it.
Slack-jawed, bald pate, and a thirst for spirits. I presume you are Gerolt, the famed blacksmith and squanderer of fortune?
Who in the bloody hell are you? And what've me money problems to do with anythin'?
Don't look like yer part o' the Resistance.
My name is Regana, and I am here on behalf of my employer, Rowena. I believe she spoke with you before of a means to alleviate the financial burden of the Resistance?

Come now, don't tell me you've forgotten already. Or did you believe she intended to supply you with that memory cloth free of charge?

Rowena wishes to compile records of the various techniques used to reproduce the blades of Gunnhildr. Everything from the materials required down to the inscriptions granting them their power, she would have cataloged for our research.

With these documents in hand, we would then fashion duplicates of any weapons you have made thus far, in addition to any forged henceforth.
The Resistance weapons are incredibly valuable, and key to the Resistance's victory in the war against the Empire. Bajsaljen would never allow it.
Then I will collect the gil owed for Rowena's cloth, if that is your wont.
If it puts your mind at ease, the duplicates are meant to resemble the originals in appearance only. We have no need to recreate the intricacies of the inscriptions or their aetherial properties.
I can't imagine the Resistance would be too happy about─
We will accept their offer. This may be the only way for us to keep Gunnhildr's Blades and our friend here armed to combat the Empire.
A wise choice. Though it's not as if you could refuse, Gerolt. Of course, you'd know that if you'd actually read your contract.
And to be clear, these replicas are strictly for purposes of research, yes? They will not be auctioned off to the lords and ladies of the realm for profit?
You have our word we will not misuse the knowledge gained from this venture, and I will remain here in Gangos should you need to consult me regarding my work.
Ah, one last thing. If Forename should have need of these replicas for any reason, I have been instructed to oblige as necessary. Now, if you will excuse me.
I...don't believe she answered my question.
Well, whatever she's schemin', at least we won't see the worst of it till after we're done. Otherwise, I have a feelin' me work'd be tarnished with me own memories o' battle with gil-pinchin' harridans.
I think we're done here. Now, where did I put that flagon of ale?

Now that I think about it... Hidin' me drinks is gonna be tricky, what with Zlatan and Regana both breathin' down me neck.
Honestly, would it kill you to wait until after your obligations to Rowena are fulfilled to drink? If I catch you drinking around the forge again, it will be for the last time.

Until next time, Forename. Rest assured we will keep eyes on him for as long as it takes to keep work proceeding apace.