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Timber for the Taking

«Rich Veins of Hope
Transcript may differ from in-game version as efforts have been made to incorporate unused and/or altered text.
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Greetings, friend! I've a wee favor to ask if you can spare a moment.
Take a look around and tell me what you see. Aye! Rock, rock, and more bloody rock. Not a single tree. And that means no wood for houses.
Every once in a while the dwarves'll let us crawl through their “secret tunnels” to reach the lowlands, but cartin' logs up them narrow─not to mention steep─shafts is fool's work.
'Specially when you consider all the timber what was left to rot at Top Rung. It's just lyin' there for the takin'...assumin' you've the stones to brave the gauntlet of nasties 'twixt here and there, of course. And I reckon you do!
Go on, lad─bring me a few stacks of timber, and I'll make it worth your while!
Oho! Either you've brought me some timber, or you're plannin' on buildin' yourself a cabin.
Thank you, lad─now I'll finally be able to get back to buildin'!
This wood you've brought me was sent up the Ladder back when the dwarves was more open to trade. Amity was neutral ground for strikin' deals, you see, and there was plans to expand the village once upon a time.
So I guess you can say we're usin' the timber for its intended purpose...even if it is a few years late! Fare you well, friend, and thanks again for the help!