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I've been keeping that device you uncovered safe and sound. Did you need to use it again...?

You've done as I requested, and learned something of the world in which you find yourself. Now it's time I fulfilled my half of the bargain, and explained what has befallen your comrades.
That is a conversation I would rather have in the privacy of my quarters, however. I must go on ahead to the tower and organize a few things, but I shall see that the guard knows to admit you.
What will you say?
The tower's gate lies open, then? Just like that? Then...G'raha Tia is...?
Well, yes, of course. It can be opened and closed just like any other. Does that seem strange to you?
I know not how the tower functioned in your time, but I assure you there is no danger of us being locked inside.
...I am not familiar with that name. Is there something I should know?
An extraordinary tale. But I'm afraid I found no such individual residing in the tower when it passed into my care. Mayhap we can revisit that mystery another time. For now, I think it best that we focus on the present.
Greetings, sir. The Exarch awaits you within.
Touring the city with the Exarch, are you? You could have no finer guide!
The Crystarium boasts a number of residential districts, but I have been informed that a room has just become available at the Pendants.
Which, as it turns out, is perfect. Our path there will take us past the markets, and I was hoping to give you my own introduction to their wares. Come along.
Welcome to the Pendants, sir. You're here with the Exarch...?
Ah, there you are─I was just finalizing the matter of your accommodation. You'll have a private room here at the Pendants for the duration of your stay, to make use of as you see fit.

When you are ready to retire, the manager will show you to your lodgings. Pray rest and recuperate, and we shall reconvene in the Ocular anon.

I believe that covers all of the practical concerns...

...Thank you for answering my call, Forename. We are denied the comforting blanket of night, but may peaceful dreams attend you nonetheless.
A pleasure to meet you, sir, and welcome to your new home at the Pendants.
Your room is ready, if you'd care to retire?
I know you... You're the Warrior of Light from the Source!
What will you say?
The Warrior of Darkness...? And who are you?
What? Did you just... You can hear me!?

Oh, gods, how long has it been...?

...Aye...aye, that was what I called myself in your world... The “Warrior of Darkness.”

My real name is Ardbert. I used an alias in the Source. A daft one, looking back...
What? Did you just... You can hear me!?

Oh, gods, how long has it been...?

...“And who are you?” she says. An enemy not worth remembering, apparently...

My name is Ardbert. In the First, I was a Warrior of Light, but in the Source you knew me as the Warrior of Darkness.
If you recall my tale, it was my comrades and I who caused the Flood.

We thought our home doomed. And so we listened to the Ascians─let them guide us to the Source, and tried to hasten their godsdamned Ardor.

I remember when we fell, defeated by you and yours. I remember our audience with Minfilia─how she listened to our pleas, and returned our souls to the First.

The Flood was poised to swallow Norvrandt...

Minfilia and my friends, they...they surrendered what little they had left to hold it back. Just faded away...leaving me to bear witness.

Tell me, do you know the year? How much time has passed since we caused the Flood?

A hundred years... A hundred long years...

My hands find no purchase. My gestures catch no eye. And my pleas, be they whispered or screamed, reach not a single ear...

I am a shade, cursed to do naught but drift.

I feel as if I've been walking forever... I hardly noticed when my mind and body began to fray at the edges.

Then “bang,” my senses were sharp again. I felt like a fish being reeled in, and before I knew it, I found myself in this room.

Why is it that you can see me? What are you even doing here, come to that?

You were summoned to save the First?

A waste of time. This world is beyond saving─like those who try to save it.

Muddled as my mind may be, I've not forgotten that.

But if fate has brought me to you─the one person in this godsforsaken world who can see and hear me─then perhaps there is a reason I endured.

If I can find out why I was left behind, then maybe...maybe I can bring this journey of mine to an end...

Well. I'll be watching, Warrior of Light.

But do me a favor. Be careful out there. This world has had its fill of heroes.
Master Forename. The Exarch awaits you within.