Treasure Hunting Tykes

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I'm telling you, it'll be fine! Let's go and find the treasure!
Are you mad, Yalric? If Mother finds out we went to the forest, I don't even want to think about what she'll─hm?
Oh, hullo there, mister traveler. What can we do for you? Wait─did you hear us talking about the treasure!?
Shhh, Vayne! Oh, it's too late now. We'll share our secret with you─just promise you won't tell anyone, okay? We were playing by our favorite tree, and we found a bottle stuffed into a hollow. And inside the bottle...was a treasure map!
You look like you've been all over the place. Have you ever hunted for treasure? Hey, maybe you could go treasure hunting for us!
We were going to go ourselves, but if the grown-ups caught us sneaking around in the forest, we'd be in real trouble. Please, won't you do this for us?
Awww, I wanted to be the one to dig up the treasure... But fine. You can go, as long as we get to split the treasure four ways. We're the ones who found the map, after all!
Thanks, mister traveler! Here's the map. The treasure's buried to the east of here, right where you see that big red cross. Good luck!
Why do you grown-ups get to have all the fun? I can't wait until I'm old enough to go searching for treasure by myself...
See that big red cross east of Sullen? That's where the treasure's buried! What do you think it is?
Thanks for helping us, mister traveler! And good luck finding our treasure!
Well? Did you find the treasure? Did you!?
Huh? It's full of old rings...
Wait...I've seen these before in a picture book! These are the rings that the people in the Church of the First Light used to wear!
The Church? You mean those crazy people who used to worship the Light? Well, they're not around anymore, so I guess they won't mind us taking their treasure! Haha!
Remember, we're splitting it four ways, just like we promised. You can take the first pick, stranger. After all, we never would have found the treasure without you!