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Uncoordinated Defense

«An Illuminati Incident
«The Pick of the Bunch

Administrative Difficulties»

Transcript may differ from in-game version as efforts have been made to incorporate unused and/or altered text.
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Pshhh... Shkohhh... Illuminati draw near, but gobbie watchguards do not return to camp!

Plan is for watchguards to gather and launch backstrike from here if Illuminati approach. But no gobbies gather here at all!

Uplander, please find watchguards and tell them to return! Watchguards should be at Makers' Quarter and Collectors' Quarter.
Quest Accepted

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

Hmmm? Illuminati are near? I must return with fastness to Bigwest Shortstop!
Find watchguards at Makers' Quarter and Collectors' Quarter. Tell them to return here with fastness!

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

Illuminati!? I did not know! Thank you, uplander. I return to camp now.

Pshhh... Shkohhh... Yes. I saw Illuminati. But they were not close to camp. Not really close.

But if Tapklix asks us to return, I have no choice. I return now.

Pshhh... Shkohhh... Uplander! Thank you for finding watchguards!

But watchguards, you are all too slow! Illuminati draw very close, but you not return! Rule is simple: return to Bigwest Shortstop if Illuminati pass boulder!

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

No, no! Rule is: return when Illuminati pass watercross! Not boulder!

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

No, no, no, no! Not boulder. Not watercross. Ruins! Rule is: return when Illuminati pass ruins!

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

Wait! Boulder? Which boulder!? Tapklix, you not tell us which boulder!

Pshhh... Shkohhh... Why you all have different rule!? Patrol is un-useful if you do not report!

Uplander, tell Slowfix about this, please. We will stop Illuminati, but please report problem to Slowfix.

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

Are Illuminati truly near?

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

Strange... Where are Illuminati?

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

What!? There is no sign of Illuminati!

Pshhh... Shkohhh... Uplander! What brings you to Idyllshire?

Ah! But that is expected. Gobbie fightyforce is independent! To have rules would rob gobbies of gods-given liberties!

Free nation for free people should have no rules! This is best. ...No?
Quest Completed
Uplander, we will stop Illuminati, you please tell Slowfix about problem.

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

We need better rules!

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

Is it possible to have too much freedom?

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

All gobbies have different understanding of plan!?